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2006/07/04 12:05:42: Posted by DM
It seems that a drunken French MS employee slipped up and revealed that there is indeed a portable Xbox gaming system planned for next-year. Not only that, but the inebriated worker also revealed that ATI is working on the chipset. Of course this is rumor for now.

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Written by nixon (97) on 2006/07/04
thats probably when GBA 2 will reveal !
Written by nixon (97) on 2006/07/04
probably not since ds is too damn good !
Written by Ric Hard on 2006/07/04
Ms should stay out of the portable ring. Nintendo has that area pretty covered.
Written by t.m.b (26) on 2006/07/04
i see microsoft taking over the gaming industry very soon, wich isnt a bad thing. all we need now is for jap. developers to stop looking at it as something inferior made by americans, and to start looking at it as an art canvis and do what they were made to do and thats design games for videogame consoles and the xbox360 and the new portable system is and will me more the qualified to do any and everything necessary.
Written by nixon (97) on 2006/07/04
okay t.m.b we are going to listen every word u say.

Microsoft is going to take over gamming industry!

dumbass !

nothing can take over anything in this world. Microsoft doesn't even cover Operating System.

There ppl that will not touch MS. To me it doesn't matter i got WINXP soon gonna get LINUX. But u'd be suprise how many ppl owns and doesn't owns microsoft products.
Written by Ric Hard on 2006/07/04
t.m.b I would love for what you said to come to pass. But reality states that Japan will never accept our technology because if they did they will feel that we are smarter than they are and that's not going to happen. They are very proud people and even if we made something better than theirs, they still will never accept it. It's just the way they are.
Written by optaviusx on 2006/07/04
Japan is going to fall in love with Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey people mark my words (also a 360 price drop is coming this year despite what Microsoft says) Which will make the purchase for many in Japan an even easier one.

Nintendo wont reveal anything new just yet notice what the introduction of the ds lite did to the previous ds sales? It totally stiffled them in japan and everywhere else just like the 360 stiffled the sales of the xbox. Nixon you said Microsoft doesn't even cover Operating System??? LOL They provide a operating system for 90% of the computers worldwide... you think companies like dell and many others wont hop on the Windows Vista bandwagon later this year to sell more computers?

Correct january of next year they'll be hopping on that bandwagon. Whether people like to admit it or not Microsoft has the operating system business on lockdown and with Microsoft promoting open source lately their grasp will become even stronger.

Microsoft is well equipped to become #1 in the gaming industry the 360 is selling faster than any console before it, Xbox Live is revolutionary, Live Anywhere is revolutionary and since majority of computers out there are using their operating system they have that amazing console, windows pc integration which sony can't match. Microsoft and their new games for windows integration puts them in a position to have all the best pc titles associated with them. Crysis was at the ms press conference folks only play you'll be able to play that game is WINDOWS...
Written by Sky (70) on 2006/07/04
i dont see a price drop any time soon with MS.. honestly there at a good postion.. there still selling consoles at a loss.. right now... i do see it in 2007 though when they get those new chips in...possibly.. Nov 07 .. lol the reg xbox still hasent gotten another price drop... its being sold for 179.99 :( for a new one
Written by nixon (97) on 2006/07/04
where did u get 90 percent ??? it seems like 90 percent but when u see the actual market its actually 70 percent , but someone said its 60 percent in cnn money! so i don't knwo what the actual numbers are but u forgot macintosh and linux !!! jsut cause u haven't seen it doesn mean microsoft take almsot all of it !
Written by cyrix_0 on 2006/07/04
Rofl What are you Smoking Opta...

You very amusing when your try to cross back and forths with fanboy and rational points...

Are U lost??....all TALK atm, I see very little point in rehashing your same IF's and Maybe's and Possible's.

We all know your Rant...its kinda tired tbh. NOnetheless you have to make your point, even if its has jaded and reptitive propaganda, but gotta feed the fanboys something. No Doubt. You guys know who you are ;)

Written by Smarty Pants (59) on 2006/07/04
opta, your posts always comes across like a very poorly written press release. This one is particularly bad. blah. blah. blah. Its the same MS propaganda garbage that you keep spewing.

Japan is waiting for PS3 and/or Wii. MS might as well give up trying to sell there. The only way for MS to sell there is if they renamed the xbox to PSThree or NintenBOX.

What they need to do is shore up their market share in NA and Europe by releasing even more FPS, racing, and football games.
Written by langejan (105) on 2006/07/04
Regarding live anywere,how do you expect them to pull such a huge concept of,if they cant even handle marketplace?
Written by optaviusx on 2006/07/04
tisk tisk... everything being said here now sounds VERY similar to what people said when Microsoft first entered the gaming business and when they first launched live and now???? Xbox Live has influenced in a big way very essential aspects of what Nintendo, but especially Sony plan to do with the ps3 as far as online capability goes. Call it ranting all you want, but when its true people that doubted it will either disappear or change their alias to avoid the "I told you so"

langejan can't handle marketplace?? Its running very smoothly alot of new content keeps showing up and its getting better with every update. Maybe you assume they can't handle marketplace because its so insanely popular? How many out there could've kept Xbox Live up after the pounding the Marketplace received during E3? Even steam from valve has shown time and time again that when the things get too intense download speeds slow to a crawl so don't claim they can't handle marketplace when they clearly are. Nixon you are WRONG cnnmoney clearly says Microsoft supplies 90% of the worlds computers with an operating system. Trust me I pay attention to stock news alot more than you do.

Just face it guys the thought of anyone besides Sony who has to BORROW close to $700 million dollars (their first borrowing of money in 10 years) to run their business being on top of the gaming industry scares the crap out of you, but be forewarned. The ps3 will not beat the 360 this generation sony at best will be a close second. If I'm wrong I'll be back here to listen to all the bragging from you guys, but I don't think i'll be wrong.
Written by Sky (70) on 2006/07/04
opta keep your high hopes.... if cell and blu ray are sucessful... its pretty much a wrap... also.. i highly doubt the 360 will ever reach 100 million consoles sold.. thats extremely far fetched.. especially with there situation in japan... u gotta have ALL territorys on lock to win this gen... its plain and simple
Written by Smarty Pants (59) on 2006/07/04
Opta: you're either a prophet or delusional (with illusions of grander); just because you said so doesnt make it so.
Written by Yakuza on 2006/07/05
well hes right anywho it is 90% ,95% of datacenters(massive collection of cpus used for hosting and other bs) around the world run windows and of course linux.
Written by optaviusx on 2006/07/05
Of course it doesn't make it so, but thats how I believe it will turn out nothing wrong with a bit of "speculation" right? I'm not saying the 360 will reach 100 million sold hahahaha I'm saying due to the 360 being ALOT stronger as far as games go than the original xbox was (strong enough to compete with the ps3 and the ps3 losing timed exclusives like GTA and Resident Evil 5 also coming to the 360 plus the juggernaut that is halo 3 and many others, ps3's price) All of these things assure us the ps3 wont have as big a lead on the 360 as the ps2 had on the xbox. I say the HIGHEST any console goes this gen is 70 Million sold. Now answer me one thing before I stop posting in this specific news section (I don't like to prolong things too much) You said I'm delusional.. its your opinion thats okay, but do you HONESTLY believe the ps3's price wont affect it negatively late 2007 early 2008?

You don't need all territories on lock to win this gen at all. The japanese gaming market is FAR smaller than europe and the USA. Europe's gaming market is far more important to sony, Microsoft and Nintendo right now than the usa is. If Microsoft had strong support out of japan since the 360's launch I'd be right here already declaring Microsoft as the new market leader, but due to the 360 not selling well in japan that slows them down significantly. The 360 test in japan is Blue Dragon. Mark my words that game is going to sell the 360 in Japan.
Written by Big O (8) on 2006/07/05
Please don't be HUGE!!
Written by tigu55654 (1) on 2006/07/05
hats what she said?
Written by - The G- on 2006/07/05
No opta mark my words they will/have already flopped in Japan. In Japan you don’t get second chances, and the console has flopped there already, not only in terms of sales but also in the minds of the consumers. And though I respect parts of what you say, you keep throwing around speculation as fact, blending it in with the truth thinking you’re clever. I normally like to stay to facts but let me tell you this then.

When the final fantasy 7 remake comes to ps3 it is game over for 360 in Japan FOREVER. End off.

Your faith in blue dragon is very similar to all I heard about xbox1 over here. Remember o.t.o gi, remember how xbox fans said it would take japan? Did you see what happened? Remember when xbox got dynasty warriors and again, fans said they will now get japan, remember your hype for DOA4 and ninety nine nights? What happened in Japan? Fact is you cant win the console war without good sales in ALL regions, and 360 will not get Japan. And for those who believe it’s because it’s American, think again. IPod has had no problems selling in Japan, and Japan are in LOVE with American pop culture. Haven’t you lot seen how they love solid/naked snake, and his all American patriotism (if you played mgs1 and 3, you know what I am about) It’s because of the lack of good Japanese games, all those fps don’t appeal to them. And 2 titles, are no were enough to get Japan alone.

Another thing that you and other xbox fans say is that they have lost exclusivity for GTA. Yes. But in the first place it was TIMED exclusive. And now it simply means people will now look at other games. And once again you have forgotten the dark horse of ps3. Grand turismo. It has been the best selling game of 2 GENERATIONS. And gt3 aspec sold BETTER than EVERY GTA game, (individually)

And you see, sony still have ALL their other exclusives, MGS4 and ff13 are already set to take Japan, and America with little ease. Lair is made by level 5 the same company that developed the latest dragon quest game, plus they still have original dragon quest, the GTA of Japan, and that is NO understatement. Trust me I could spend all day telling you how ps3 is still the console of casual gamers, and hardcore gamers. Also remember this opta. If (I will be fair and say IF) blu ray wins. Then ps3 will be able to cost the same as 360. Killing 360 price advantage.

Microsoft has only beaten ps2 in sales ONCE and that is NA only, in Europe and Japan it has NEVER beaten ps2 in sales a month. Now that is with NO next generation competition. What happens when the wii and ps3 come out? You will see 360 sales plummet. In fact, the purchases in Japan of 360 are only because that is all that’s out. (see how making speculation, as fact, is unfair)

And remember that as months goes by, 360 sales continue to DROP. That my friend is FACT. And there is nothing ‘revolutionary’ about a centralized online system. But if you mean the fact that they are charging people for it, then yeah, that’s revolutionary

Written by Sky (70) on 2006/07/05
wow G.. that was pretty hardcore.. but true
Written by ricardo (1) on 2006/07/05
The xbox 360 has beaten ps2 in France at least since it appeared in the market, here everybody is loofing for an xbox 360. The games look better, people know that the life-cycle of the ps2 is reaching its end, so they buy xboxs.
Written by - The G- on 2006/07/05
however france is a part of europe, and tho i do not know the sales of france specifically, what i said about EUROPE is all true.
Written by Gamer13 on 2006/07/05
This xbox portable could be a blast - who nows but i would like to see how the xbox handheld will look and also the games for it.
Written by Da Man (105) on 2006/07/05
It seems this is the new trend with unknown gaming sites. Make up news that say some important drunken dude from some big company has said something shocking (Xbox Portable, Shenmue 3 will be released for SNES, Assasin's Creed will be only ported to the DS etc.).

Also, OptaviusX, you are aware that they're selling Xbox 360 for only... like 150 dollars in Japan? They're desperate to try and sell the console.
Written by luna (1) on 2006/07/05
who really cares who wins the console war? As long as i can log on to halo 2 and COD2 and there are always full game lobbys, then in my mind im a winner :)
Written by willi mcfly (1) on 2006/07/05
its fake a rumor started by the same people that said the drunk nintendo employey gave up the reles date
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