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Sony Plans To Use MPEG-2 Codec For First Blu-Ray Movies >
2005/12/01 15:32:16: Posted by DM
It seems that Sony is preparing to release the first generation of Blu-Ray movies. Nothing surprising there. What is suprising is that Sony is going to release the movies in a decade-old format, MPEG-2. This, as you well know, is the technology used for current DVD movies. Now, this is not a bad looking format, for sure, but it certainly is not the MPEG-4 AVC codec (h.264) that was rumored to be the preferred Blu-Ray codec.

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Written by plonk420 on 2005/12/01

"The news may also come as a surprise to Blu-ray backer Apple which has native H.264 support in the latest version of its operating system"

not H.264 High Profile, which, like MPEG-4 ASP, is yet another Stupid Apple Trick (and that's coming from an Apple (OS) fanboy). HP being at LEAST 5-10% more efficient as Main Profile and also supports lossless compression.
Written by DM on 2005/12/01

isnt h264 what quicktime 7 uses or is that another one
Written by Dan (4) on 2005/12/02

MPEG2 is still the default codec for high definition content.

All the stats you hear about hours of content that can fit onto a certain size of disc is actually mpeg2 encoded. mpeg4 encoding like divx/xvid/h.264 is far more effecient when it comes to file size.

You could fit 2 hours of high definition content on a normal dvd9 with mpeg4 encoding. But alas, high def is still expected to be conducted by large part in mpeg2. DirecTV is launching, or has just launched, a satellite that hopes will be able to beam down HD channels as mpeg4, but it is the first of its kind (in north america anyways) to attempt such a thing.
Written by TaiZ on 2005/12/02

MPEG4 compression can achive the same quality of MPEG2, at smaller file sizes, and from what I hear HD-DVD is using an MPEG2 compression type.
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