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Street Fighter II Becomes Fastest Selling XBLA Game Ever >
2006/08/04 16:36:44: Posted by DM
Not like this should come as a surprise to anyone, but SFII on XBox Live Arcade is now the fastest selling XBLA title to date. While the press release does not cite any specific number, it does say that hundreds of matches are being played every hour. Click read more to read the entire press release.


SUNNYVALE, Calif. ¾ August 4, 2006 — Capcom® today announced that Street Fighter® II’ Hyper Fighting, the company’s first title for Xbox Live® Arcade for the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, has seen a phenomenal record of downloads since it’s debut on August 2. Within the first 24 hours of it’s unveiling, Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting has become the fastest selling Xbox Live Arcade title to date with hundreds of matches being played every hour.

Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting’s overwhelming success can be attributed not only to its arcade roots but also its timeless gameplay. Thousands of users continue to flock online to purchase the game with the hopes of proving who truly is the world’s best street fighter. The ultimate retro gaming experience is now available worldwide for download on Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points.

“We are elated by the tremendous response Xbox Live users have given Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting as players around the world vie to be on top of the game’s numerous leaderboards,” said Charles Bellfield, vice president of marketing, Capcom Entertainment, Inc. “It'll be exciting to see who ranks number one on Xbox Live Arcade after the first weekend of gamers playing the greatest arcade title in history."

“The phenomenal response to Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting on Xbox Live Arcade comes as no surprise as this has been one of the most eagerly anticipated titles of the summer,” said Greg Canessa, Group Manager of Xbox Live Arcade, Microsoft. “We are thrilled that gamers everywhere are jumping into Xbox Live Arcade and enjoying the fantastic game play experiences this title and our platform has to offer.”

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Street Fighter II

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Written by whYte420 (113) on 2006/08/04

Well that's nice, but I can't even play online, doesn't fucking work! (Yeah, I have Xbox Live)
Written by mr frosty (3) on 2006/08/04

dont worry, its so laggy online its unplayable.

wish there was a way to get my money back! :(
Written by Sky (360) on 2006/08/04

too bad its laggy as hell.. sooo much potential
Written by optaviusx on 2006/08/04

Well I played with people in the usa and the latency was just fine, but people oversees it was laggy.
Written by Inferno22 (63) on 2006/08/04

Ya the lag is noticeable. Also every other peron you play picks E Honda and tries to get you trabbed in the corner and do his 100 man chop which almost kills you. I just pick Bison and jump away and be cheap back.
Written by mike_mgoblue on 2006/08/04

I have heard reports of this game being so laggy because Microsoft only allows a certain amount of bandwidth with their Xbox Live Arcade games. This problem needs to be fixed right away, because Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting is more popular than expected!!!

Consider this comparison: The Sega Dreamcast used 56k low-bandwidth Internet speed, whereas the Xbox 360 uses high-bandwidth Internet speed. But, you could play a high-tech game like Marvel vs Capcom on the Dreamcast without experiencing lag, whereas, on the Xbox 360 you experience lag with a 15 year old game like Street Fighter 2...using a high-speed Internet connection!!! THIS IS A MAJOR PROBLEM!!!!!!

The reason is because Microsoft only allows us to use a small percentage of the potenial speed that our high speed cable modems allow. Microsoft needs to upgrade this NOW!
Written by go go (69) on 2006/08/04

Dead Rising demo is on Marketplace 8:15 est
Written by bob (280) on 2006/08/04

The people on my friends list are very diverse, and I've never seen so many of them playing the same game...until SF2 released. And lag is not an issue. Maybe you need better internet or you should hook up the 360 directly to the modem (not a router)
Written by DepheCt (274) on 2006/08/04

Im still playing just the demo :(
Written by Deadpool (6) on 2006/08/04

I don't know why people are complaining about lag. Out of the 30 or so ranked matches I've played I only noticed slight lag in 1 of the matches.
Written by DepheCt (274) on 2006/08/05

Thats good to hear deadpool cause ive had my mind set on buying it for awhile now.. And now since it's out all i hear is complaining.
Written by Nemesis IX (371) on 2006/08/05

i haven't experienced any lag and i played it pretty much all day yesterday
Written by Unknown (174) on 2006/08/06

SF ani is still much better than this on xbox live...
Written by MAKAVELI on 2006/08/06

i never experienced any major problem with xbox live.

and yes street fighter have more people playing than microsoft inicialy trought.

The game can be a 15 years old but the gameplay still adcitve like when i first play it for the SNES.
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