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2006/10/16 12:01:30: Posted by DM
It was recently announced that Xfire would play a small part in the online setup of some PS3 games. Well, now Xfire has announced that they will be conducting online game tournaments on the PS3 console, bringing their PC expertise into the console fold.

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Sony Playstation 3

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Written by blah on 2006/10/16

Old news. Everyone knows Xfire is making middleware for the PS3. Its not going to be on every PS3 game like everyone thinks its going to be.
Written by VaeVictus on 2006/10/16



Negative Nancy.

I didn't know that, I guess I am out of the loop. Thanx DM.
Written by blah on 2006/10/16

Dude its been about a week since 1up did the story lol.

You guys should post up a link to the new FNR3 pics on the PS3. Those are pretty nifty 8)
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