Toys R Us Opens Up PS3 & Wii Preorders On Oct. 29 >
2006/10/16 16:44:19: Posted by DM
According to a CAG post, Toys R Us will be opening up pre-orders on October 29, 2006. Now, we will rumor tag this until we can verify, but it sounds legit.

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Written by Odins_wrath (153) on 2006/10/16

i see... well it seems i need to find a Toys R Us store some where near me pretty quick.. Long live the Wii!
Written by blah on 2006/10/16

I thought Toys r Us blew off the PS3, and loves the Wii. I guess not 8) I should pre-order mine there
Written by vividbreeze on 2006/10/16

ill be camping out sat night for 3 preorders :P
Written by Unknown (119) on 2006/10/16

3 preorders? Get a REAL job you bum!
Written by Yakuza on 2006/10/16

hmm i better get an ebay account rofl
Written by Big O (49) on 2006/10/16

You'll neva see me standing in line...NEVER & its cold than a bitch outside...F$#k that!
Written by kalvin (1) on 2006/10/18

i check on toy r us they say they not gonna have it.

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