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2006/10/17 10:55:43: Posted by DM
NextGen spoke with the legendary Kaz Hirai regarding, what else, the Playstation 3. Hirai is still reluctant to get into the launch title list, although he claims that there will be 20 games for launch day. Hopefullly we will get a list soon.

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Sony Playstation 3

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Written by Kenny K on 2006/10/17

typical "beat around the bush" responses. sony still has to learn how to give concrete info
Written by VaeVictus on 2006/10/17

Using the logic of some, why does it matter? Buy the merchandise when it is released instead of having the information up front. Who needs prior information?

On the topic @ hand, Sony has been in dire need of a new PR department. Kaz, Ken and Phil have been sub par at best in their handling of this launch. Just when you think they can't be any worse, they pull an Arizona Cardinals on monday night football and surprise you.
Written by Fruity Loops ZX (178) on 2006/10/17

lol .. "the legendary Kaz Hirai" .. what does that make Miyamoto?
Written by Sky (325) on 2006/10/17

concrete info = gamers day on thurs

( i hope)
Written by Kenny K on 2006/10/17

hope your right sky
Written by Odins_wrath (153) on 2006/10/17

(lol .. "the legendary Kaz Hirai" .. what does that make Miyamoto?) I think he ment it as the infamous kaz Hirai and if he didnt then that would probably mean Miyamoto = God compared to Kaz
Written by blah on 2006/10/17

20 launch titles sounds about right. And I think theres 3 more coming out in December. 23 launch window titles isn't bad at all.
Written by Unbiased Technology Professor on 2006/10/17


You are 100% correct! The only thing that Kaz Hirai has built a "legend" for is telling lies! Kaz Hirai is the Legendary Little Boy who Cried Wolf!

I know my name may be the Unbiased Professor, but there are times when a professor has to cast judgment and grade things. I give Kaz Hirai an "F" for Failure! I also rate Phil Harrison and Ken Kutaragi "F"s for Failure!

I give those three Sony employees Failing grades, because they are Legendary Liars! They are the boys who cry wolf. I have lost count of the number of times I have heard people say that those three Sony employees are "over-promising and under-delivering."

I have lost count of the number of times I have heard people comment about how those guys said the Playstation 2 would be able to display graphics similar to the movie Toy Story (which obviously never came close to happening)! That lie was just as bad as the ones Sony told at the 2005 E3 when they showed all those fake Playstation 3 game demos.

My wife speaks Japanese, and I told her about this. She said, "Kaz Hirai" must be a Japanese name that means, "The Little Boy who Cried Wolf!"

The Legendary Little Boy who Cried Wolf, Kaz Hirai!
Written by skyler (6) on 2006/10/18

I think Tekken 5 looks like toy story! But yeah otherwise haven't seen much, even on next gen :(

I never listen to any of the suits except Nintendo, Sony is bad and MS is just as bad too , Peter Moore makes me sick because he was blowing MS's left nut on Shenmue 2 and now the traitor fuck is with them and praising along with we won't support any more xbox 1 on 360
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