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2006/10/27 17:58:57: Posted by DM
Yes, before we go on, we know that this post is a bit thin in the facts department, but it is Friday night, we figure hey, have some fun, the week is done. If you look closely at the cover of the latest EGM (image at link), you will clearly see that it says "Metal Gear Solid 4 On Xbox 360?" What this means, we do not know. We bring it to you anyway to commence the weekend.

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Metal Gear Solid 4

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Written by Mistakilla (7) on 2006/10/27

Yeah.. I have first post.. What a great way to commence my weekend.. And what? MGS4 on xbox360 woah... woah... What's going on on.. Do we have any exclusives these days.. Hmmmm.. If thats true, it's gona be a big problem for ps3.. Wow.. Xbox360 owners will get a piece of that cake.. Die sony.. Die you cheaters and liars... MS Rules..

Oh yea Gears of war is a hell of a game..
Written by oo JAX oo (15) on 2006/10/27


thats it MS

they have got the most wanted game on PS3

good luck MS hard luck SONY
Written by LoL on 2006/10/27

Would be nice to see MGS4 on X360 or at least MGS3:SpecialEdition...

Too first 2 posters - you know what RUMOR is?

Written by James Sorensen (1) on 2006/10/27

If the article in the mag had any fact to it whatsoever, it would not be listed at the bottom of the stories. My 360 won't get its hopes up on this sad specualtion.
Written by bob (280) on 2006/10/27

The only game that makes me even remotely interested in ever owning a PS3 is MGS4. Now I know Kojima said MGS4 could be done on 360 without compromising any quality. The question is, does Konami want the extra cash? The answer is a resounding yes.

Even if it doesn't come, I know MS will throw some money Kojima's way. They did that with Sakaguchi and now we're getting 3 awesome exclusives from him.
Written by Unknown (174) on 2006/10/27

Kojima did say mgs4 is possible on 360 with some knick knacks

But knowing the japanese, he will treat it like the xbox version of MGS2, like a bullshit port, this is especially crucial because of the way 360 and ps3 operates, very differentely, so I wouldn't count on it, especially since so far on ports i seen (mean the word ports) are shit, and i really don't want to see a japanese developer on that, because they really don't put effort (I guess its due to the main company's no extra OT for the work), which is why MGS2 on xbox is shit, and i know it could've been better ( with some effects off)
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/27

Was this the same mag that said RE5 was exculsive/sarcasm.. lol never going to happen dream on xbots..
Written by Matt (160) on 2006/10/27

To be honest I couldn't care less. Metal Gear Solid sucked after the first game and Splinter Cell continues to get better.
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/27

Written by Matt (160) on 2006/10/27

Yes, I have a sorry donkey who posts for me. I certainly don't care, I just like arguing.
Written by blah on 2006/10/27

EGM is the same mag that said RE5 was going to be exclusive to the PS3. So id take this with a grain of salt. If this goes multi-platform, then dont expect a crappy game. Kojima is known for getting the best out of the hardware he himself works with. He actually made his games look good visually on the PS2, whats stopping him from doing that on the PS3 and, if true, the 360? Knowing Kojima though, he likes working on one console at a time just like Itagaki from Team Ninja. So honestly, i doubt MGS4 is going multiplatform. It seems magazines have been making up a lot of bullcrap lately, with PSM3 stating they have played ZOE3 yet made no mention of it in their latest issue.
Written by the mad barber (63) on 2006/10/27

i know that this isn't true but if it is i would be one extremely happy xbox360 fan. im already proud of the system but i would be flabergasted smile.gif but im just going to keep praying that this is true. keep your fingers crossed with me all of you xbox360 owners
Written by Odins_wrath (214) on 2006/10/28

im already getting a wii.. but if this game comes out for the xbox ill be getting that one as well.
Written by Kenny K on 2006/10/28

it will probably be in the rumor section. ever think of that guys??

Mr. New York, real cute with the "xbots" nickname. only a fanboy sony zombie will go out of his way to troll around. it's a simple discussion about the possibility. will it happen? probably not, but that doesnt mean you have to act like a sorry ass.

you care too or else you wouldnt have gone out of your way.
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/28

@ Kenny k your such a lil girl,I can tell where ever you live your the type that get punked.Your mister softee.lol get a life dude your the biggest troll around just ask sky...lol I keep it 100% you keep it 5% so please stay off my jock loser..

Also the only people that have a brain are blah,sky and the rest know who they are..Kenny k your brain is the size of a dinosaur brain..
Written by just to post (2) on 2006/10/28

the few times I've looked at comments I see MR NEW YORK making himself sound like a tough as nails 9 year old.

Doesn't this place have IP banning?

What a loser.
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/28

It's kinda funny and stupid the way MS is acting. They were the one who didn't shut up about how meaningless 1080p is. Now, they're trying to make 360 to support 1080p, or, in another word, release a firmware that UPSCALES games to 1080p.

MS, what a pathetic company it is. @just to post your a gay elvis..

To everybody on my jock you got jax and also mistakilla saying things thats way out of line but I'm the one trolling,please give me a break.I'm a troll killer that's all.Face the facts ladies and gents GAMERS REPORT is a xbot and wii fanboy site/true story/.you guys let every body else troll on sony,but when the shoes are on the other side you guys get bitchy..I get it now sony fans can't get defensive./sarcasm
Written by steve_o_3000 on 2006/10/28

dude, just stop.
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/28

Once 11/17/06 comes I will be playing the sexiest most powerful system on GODS green earth while you suckers

will be on this God forsaken Fangirl site trying to downgrade sony every move.Instead of playing your system of choice[360,wii].It's sad because you fruit cakes don't even play your systems,must be terrible so you bash the KING OF KINGS..
Written by steve_o_3000 on 2006/10/28

nice HHH reference.
Written by Matt (160) on 2006/10/28

So, on 17/11/06 (get the dates right, Americans) you'll be playing on BlueGene/L? The PS3 isn't the most powerful system on this planet. PCs have already taken over the PS3 in terms of power, in fact they did quite a while ago with the later 7 series Nvidia cards.
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/28

@matt you dont understand the CELL chip do ya.rsx/cell=

most powerful console ever built.

Once PS3 begans to show the software that can't be produced anywhere else, once PS3 shows Killzone that's as close to the trailer as MotorStorm is, Once MGS4, FF13, White Knight Story, and GT5 prove that Blu-ray is needed for this generation, and once that price drops and makes all of these amazing games even more affordable, well that's when M$ is in trouble...
Written by Matt (160) on 2006/10/28

You just don't understand the Cell - it's got a 3.2Ghz PowerPC core with 7 RISC sub-cores. On paper it has a lot of power for certain tasks but it requires 3 - 5x more time to code for to extract the extra power from which a lot of devs won't bother with. Without spending tons of time optimising for the cell it's just a single core 3.2Ghz PowerPC. The 360's CPU is a triple core PowerPC which takes more time to extract the power from than a single core CPU but not as much as the Cell does. The RSX is just a 7800GT(X) which game out for PCs in mid 2005. The 360's GPU has unified shaders, geometry shader support which puts it nearer to DirectX10 cards which are out at the end of this year and the beginning of next.

To me Motorstorm looks very far from the trailer and Kill Zone is just a really shit FPS. I think people have forgotten just how awesome those original trailers looked. Bru-lay just isn't needed - Sony are just bullshitting with their 25GB for launch titles and 50GB for next year - by their own bullshit they're almost saying they'll need 75GB in 2008, 100GB the year after etc. MGS4 looks awful, I can count the pixels in the textures on the environment and the models aren't all that great. FF13's game play will suck. 12 is just not Final Fantasy any more and 13 is going to make it even less Final Fantasy like.

Also Why "M$" and not $ony...oh wait Sony are borrowing money and their profits are down 94% this quarter.
Written by Nemesis IX (371) on 2006/10/28

if this is true it will save me 600 Euro MGS4 is the only reason i am going to get a ps3.

i can see every ps3 owner defending the ps3 when it comes trying to justify there waste of money just looking at the launch line-up its very uninspiring. there is not one ps3 launch game i would want to own.
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/28

@ matt oh sorry I mean major nelson with your FUD lies.

you sound like a angry fanboy.lol

Also ps3 launch line up is killing the 360 line up facts. PDZ,KAMEO, These games suck big time.Oh i forgot ps3 are running alot of games that's 1080p 60fps.lol while you guys are waiting for your only two next gen games that xbots talk about halo3, geow.PS3 is going to sell another 100= million easy..

oh did i forget GUN lol that game makes me cry.PGR is getting killed by GT, RFOM is Killing all the 360 games by far graphics and all so whats the bs talk about.

Nothing on 360 is good thats why i sold my system back to gamecrazy.Halo3 can't save the 360 from the beaten ps3 is about put on its ass..lol
Written by steve_o_3000 on 2006/10/28

my god man. give it up already. i don't understand what you are trying to accomplish by being a dickweed on nearly every topic. i really hope this is all a big joke to you and you just get off on pissing people off on message boards. some people do. it's fun, but it's getting a little old now.
Written by Nemesis IX (371) on 2006/10/28

there not all running at 60fps and how many people have 1080i tv to take advantage off this pixel resolution.
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/28

Whats funny is every store has a truck load of systems,

Ps2 is out selling the crap

the crap only sold 4.5

the crap has a bunch of retro bs games

the crap broke on me like three time

the crap don't have many next gen titles

the crap is a rushed system

the crap left xbox out [bc]

the crap is just crap face it.

the crap cost more then the ps3 face it losers

major nelson got xbots like Hitler had a nation.

Also I have a 1080p sony bravia 46inch to enjoy higher def,so I got 1080p trust me the sells are going to hit the roof once ps3 start the revolution.07/08/09/.
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/28

Lack of AAA Next-gen titles - I don't think it's fair to blame Microsoft for the lack of system selling titles, because developers needed time to learn how to pull power from the 360's tri core processor. I was a 360 owner and have enjoyed several 360 games, but the titles really feel like ports with enhanced visuals. I have not experienced a game that truly gave me the awe factor, and the feeling that this is what next-gen is all about... I doubt any game too date on the 360 really utilize multi-threading or push the hardware to accomplish something unique and next-genish... The release of Splinter Cell DA & and the upcoming release of GOW & Rainbow 6 provide the console some potential AAA system selling titles, but it's been a year in the making…

The Wii is Microsoft’s biggest competition IMO, because eventually both consoles will have to battle it out for the most cost friendly entry point console. In 2008 most consumers will look at the 360 as being dated hardware and view the PS3 as the console to buy and the price point will be more attractive. If the market share is not attractive to Microsoft I could see the company releasing one more console in 2009/2010 with a next-gen media format to give the console arena one last go... I don't think Microsoft made a lot of mistakes with the 360; I just believe the issues are a result of launching a next-gen console in 2005. Peace

Written by ElusiveH (10) on 2006/10/28

haha this kid is too funny. It must suck to live in an all sony world. I bet you even own one those Sony ATRAC3 players that failed horribly. Learn some real facts and not that spoon fed bull shit sony gives you.
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/28

lol look at all the xbots here they come,lol what a beautiful day,...Yeah i should have been a comedian
Written by Matt (160) on 2006/10/28

If you sold your 360 and were disappointed I can't wait to see how disappointed you'll be with the PS3. All the real PS3 screenshots so far look like PC games from 2004 - 2005. A few 360 games have really blown me away though.

Sony are launching a console that would have been good in 2005 in late 2006/spring 2007. Now the graphics card is old...

The PS3 is more expensive with _nothing_ here. PS3 premium with 1 crappy blu-ray disc = £425 ($800 USD) and the Xbox 360 premium with PGR3, extra wireless controller, HD-DVD drive, King Kong HD-DVD and full remote = £404. If you don't want an HD-DVD drive you could get a few games, XBL sub, accesories etc. For the PS3 you still need to buy a bluetooth headset (no headset included AFAIK) which is £30 - £40, component/HDMI cable - £10+ and a game £40 - £50.

None of the better looking PS3 titles are in 1080p - Resistance Fall of man for example is 720p.

The PS3 launch line up is awful with only 4 exclusives (RFoM, Giant Enemy Crab, Full Auto 2 and Ridge Racer 7). It's pathetically uninspiring. If you think it took a while for them to extract power from the triple core CPU imagine how long it'll take them to extract it from the cell which is designed for special purpose processing and not really games.

Xbots is a really lame name by the way. I think moron (in the technical sense of the word) would be a good term for quite a few PS3 fanboys.

Bullshit retro games you say? What about the retro games on the PS3 - just a few pretty poor (IMO) PSX titles. The 360's arcade has some of the best arcade games out there. Graphics grow old but _fun_ lasts.
Written by Mistakilla (7) on 2006/10/28

""MR NEW YORK "" You arestupid.. And i didnt say anything about you but you had to cross that line you sorry sony boy.. Don't get mad because xbox is doing do well and ms fanboyism is growing so fast.. I never liked sony and never will.. I own the both the ps1 and ps2 and will definitely get a ps3.. Just becauise your piggy bank is to tight to get both a 360 and ps3 doesnt mean you have to get mad at the whole world.. Stop livin in your mom's basement and get a job.. grow up you 36 year old kid.. Ms rocks.. This is MSage.. And any sucky sony fanboy who's mad can screw themselves.. </br></br>Thank you for your time.. </br></br>Xbox4eva
Written by Matt (160) on 2006/10/28

Blu-ray also looks like it's going to fail. Hardware for HD-DVD is outselling bru-lay 2:1 here and content 3:1. If bru-lay fails for video it'll mean the PS3 is left using them for games only which will mean the games will be more expensive as less bru-lay discs will be in production.

Also 4.5 million was for the US only - world wide it's 6 million. The PS3 will have only sold just over a million by the end of this year (they 2 million but that's only a target).
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/28

@matt your xbot I always knew just shows the more you post,wonder why your here fighting with me every day if your BOX is God.who you fooling brother yourself.your a pity a disgrace to gaming and also a big fool that's in denial.Stay off the site and go play your crappy box.The ps3 is getting great reveiws from all around the world,domination is destiny,but you sir is a example of a racist towards the truth.
Written by Matt (160) on 2006/10/28

Resorting to nonsensical insults now? Come back when you can construct a sentence better than a 7 year old.

I'm playing my 360 right now but I have my laptop next to where I'm playing so I can flame here and play 360 to get the best of both worlds.

Also Mistakilla seems to be the anti-Mr New York (if only because he supports the 360 instead of PS3).
Written by mike_mgoblue on 2006/10/28

Metal Gear Solid 4 was destined to be an Xbox 360 game from the beginning. After all, Metal Gear Solid appeared on the original Xbox.

This time the Xbox 360 is the sales leader, and it is SO easy for developers to work with the Xbox 360.

Metal Gear Solid 4 will be great on the Xbox 360.
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/28

@mastakilla Your not worthy enough to have a [email protected] your a zombie,where the hell you come up with all this bs,please don't tell me major nelson, peter moore or is it your mama..

also if iam 7 what does that make you? your a idiot 4real.Plus i don't need a comp because the ps3 is 1..lol dumb fool.
Written by Matt (160) on 2006/10/28

Unfortunately what I'm saying isn't bulls**t and it's from my own sense because I've researched both of the systems and realised that the 360 is more powerful, easier to code for and better designed. I like to do my own research rather than be spoon fed bullshit by Sony or anyone else.

The opinion on games is my own too.
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/28

Unfortunately your research is misleading you,or is it

that your getting your foolish info from x-bot sites like this one..?This site generates trolls and false info..
Written by Matt (160) on 2006/10/28

You try and disprove that you're 7 by constructing more idiotic sentences. Oh dear, you really don't get it.

True the PS3 might be a "computer" but only if you have the pretty poor Yellow Dog Linux distro. It uses enlightenment 17 (e17) which in my opinion is pretty crap, it doesn't allow proper hardware access from what I can tell and it's more of an embedded version of linux rather than a full desktop distro.

I get my information about the 360's power from technical sites like "Arstechnica" which have had in depth reviews of the 360's CPU and GPU which show how much better than the PS3 it is.
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/28

as for 360 more powerful[funny] ps3 games look more polished than the crap has so far.RFOM is a legend in the making looks better then anything the 360 has to offer and its a first gen game..lol
Written by Matt (160) on 2006/10/28

Seems I was wrong about yellow dog - it was original designed for Power PC macs but never really took off as most mac users wanted OS X rather than Linux. I still don't like e17 that much though.
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/28

FNR3,RR7,COD3,NBA 2K7 should i name more all these games look better on ps3 facts.FNR3 makes 360 FNR3 look like FNR2.5 so where's the power.Don't give me thy had more time crap.Face it fool ps3 is a beast..Cell Chip is a beast.RSX is a beast. and the games are living proof.PLAY B3YOND fool don't jump in..

@matt As much fighting where doing it's going no where that's why I love you dude,you just don't stop,I was f**king with you the whole time your a funny ass dude.lol I love my 360 and can't wait for ps3 so i could enjoy them both..
Written by Matt (160) on 2006/10/28

I obviously love arguing for the sake of it otherwise I wouldn't be here.

Imagine turning on your PS3 expecting hxxp://ars2.iad.cachefly.net/journals/thumbs.media/ruliweb_mgs4_05.jpg and getting hxxp://image2.ruliweb.com/data/news7/09m/tgs2006/22/ps3/mgs4_19.jpg

when you could be turning on your 360 and getting hxxp://images.xboxyde.com/gallery/public/4279/906_0003.jpg
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/28

Mgs4 looks incredible sorry disagree as for SC that look good also but mgs4 has a lot of time left for improving.I have SC and the gameplay is the same.sorry matt try something else dude.

@ matt honestly are you a fat guy that's mad at the world.

If so there's always L.A. weight lose..or better yet I'll beat some sense into that retarted brain of yours.

@fat matt I know Jesus Christ is ashamed of you because you don't have a brain..spreading all your FUD

across sites turning guys into bots..The only place for you is xbot Hell..lol
Written by Matt (160) on 2006/10/28

I'm not fat, haha. I used to be but then I got off my arse and lost weight. My BMI is 22.8 which is in the healthy range.

I personally prefer Splinter Cell, it feels much nicer than Metal Gear Solid and is much more fun to play. I really liked Metal Gear Solid but was disappointed by 2 and 3 - I imagine 4 will be disappointing too.

Jesus Christ is ashamed of me? hahaha. So are Harry Potter, Frodo and Muhammed.

Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/28

^^^ lol
Written by deaftly (9) on 2006/10/28

wow mr new york is a total moron, you seriously sound retarded
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/28

LMFAO wow didn't laugh that hard since xbox1 flopped

so they come out with a new system 4 years later..

Yes more xbots come worship your [email protected] is you really deaf,sorry man god bless lmfao..
Written by optaviusx on 2006/10/28

Interesting MR NEW YORK talking about who has the brain of a dinosaur and yet saying so many idiotic things back to back.

I guess he finds it hard to believe the 360 supports native 1080p because he's not smart enough to realize pcs have been doing it for years. If a piece of hardware can upscale to 1080p it can also do native 1080p.. its up to the developers if they choose to make their game 1080p, but once it can actually go to 1080p developers can make their games in native 1080p if they choose to.

Xbox1 flopped? Tell that to 25 million sold worldwide and the halo franchise. Also its funny to see you insulting Microsoft as a company.. oh wait what operating system are you using now? Oh yea thats right you're using windows. Adding in "lol" & "LMFAO" doesn't make you sound any more intelligent I thought I'd let you know that.

Also guys don't get your hopes up because this MGS4 stuff isn't true. Shane from EGM is just toying with everyone.
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/28

@ optaviusx got tell that s**t to people that actual listen to your lies,MR King Xbot shove your bs lies where they belong. The rest of the bots will follow right behind you..SONY4LIFE baby don't get it twisted..
Written by blah on 2006/10/28

All of you fanboys need to chill out.

Xbox fanboys, don't get your hopes up on MGS4 going to the 360. MGS2 and Twin Snakes may have gone to the Xbox, but MGS3 hasn't due to the poor sales those other games have made.

Sony fanboys, just because Sony's console has dominated these past 10 years doesn't mean their domination will continue on forever. In the Next-gen, i believe Sony will still come away with being the most successful because of the very high possibility of all the new technologies in their console becoming mainstream and successful. But, their market share over the games industry will go down.

Its going to happen, even though the Xbox 360 has been off to a slow start compared to its predecessor it is still a big hit compared to other consoles that have launched before a Sony console. It has a chance of really denting the market control that Sony has over the games industry. But right now, nothing has happened to make me think for sure that Sony will fail and Microsoft will rise.

The introduction of microtransactions, the rise in importance of online schemes, and the technology available to each console is going to decide the market winnder. Obviously Xbox Live is more established, but Sony has an online service too that is similar to Xbox live and easier to access because of it being free of charge. Microtransactions will also be important next-gen because the number of things you will be able to get as time goes by will rise, and in relation to that cost will rise.

You guys should hate this, because now all gamers are little guinea pigs for Microsoft and Sony to toy around with and see if these people will actually pay for things that should be included in games. For example, the Lumines 1 (sp) game that came out on the Xbox 360 is almost entirely the same as the PSP game. Yet, they charge 40 dollars for a game that came out 2 years ago. AND Lumines 2 for the PSP is 30 DOLLARS! What does that tell you?

Everyone should worry more about how you are going to pay for games in the future more than which console is going to win the console war. Because whoever is going to win isn't going to change the way we play games, its going to be the same thing with just a different brand name. What IS going to change, is the way we spend our money on games. And that is what you all should worry about.
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/28

@BLAH your the only person I respect,you always come up with a good post so respect 2 you dude..

and if you go back and look at some of the post you will see what started this flame war. which i take serious [only in a fun way]but i really get personal.</br></br>I try to break a human being down by breaking there spirt..
Written by otoole on 2006/10/28

mr. new york i'll say it again... get over yourself.

"i forgot ps3 ARE running..." Thats when i stop reading your posts. Become literate and somewhat intelligent, then post here.
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/28

@ otoole ok mr gay elvis and your intelligent?
Written by ElusiveH (10) on 2006/10/28

Wow he's still going on quite sad, at times I can barely read what he writes. The average IQ of Sony fanboys is very low I guess.
Written by RobertFastHand (10) on 2006/10/28

MR New York I see all the sony hate,don't pay these losers any mind.
Written by whYte420 (113) on 2006/10/28

MR NEW YORK, you are a LOSER! Get a life...
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/28

@whyte420 so is your grandmother..
Written by Mistakilla (7) on 2006/10/28

Yo "MR NEW YORK" you're an idiot. Sony's not even paying you to be talking soo good of them.. You havent yet owned or even played a 360. You probably dont even know how to even wipe your own ass. The more you reply, the dummier you sound.. You'r probably one of those sitting home all day, not being able to provide or make it on your own.. I'm thinkin you're mentally retarted. And since everyone's replying to your stupid posts you're probably feelin good of yourself.. And thats good, because you dont sound like you usually or ever had as much attentions in your life before.

Sony sends you welfare checks or something? Or did they donate one of their consoles to you since they do give to the disabled.. What's your disability? C'mon tell me, i know someone that can help you.. Just reply to my and i'll set you up.. You really need help man..


You probably dont have a girl, only has a sixty year old mom and living in her basement and your ass is 36.. what a big kid.. And wackin off 2 to 3 times a day infront of ur dry ps2. Daddy's not around ha? (he's probably ashamed of you and your mommy.. Maybe she's retarted too? Wow..

Oh well thanx for ur time Big Kid.. And hurry up and reply before 9 since that might be ur betime (mommy might smack ya).. And matt dont pay any attention to this fool..

Please reply..

Written by kmachiavellian (1) on 2006/10/28

sony against xbox.......anywayz lets start oin mistakilling watever dis seems 2 be the 1 sony obviously going 2 kll xbox wen it coms out hating isnt going 2 change anything sony runs 80% of the market even though with ps2 alone ....i mean wen coms 2 games u get more choices with sony naruto, bleach ,gundam and DBZ...wit dats siad u know theyre cartering to tru gamers and anime fans boyz...not jus t kids that cant mario and sonic...games old...Im a PC mand still RTS all day ...if its not PC its Ps3 simple...</br></br>From the Words of the MACH ....copy write 2006
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/28

@MISTA KILLA your post was long for nothing why? KEEP your fingers off your sister, also stop letting your father finger fuck you in your ass you fucking peice of shit.Tell your mother I said whats up.I'll suck her tits right in front of you because your a super pussy..pussy pussy. When the ps3 comes out I'll fuck your moms with Tilt..lol stupid ass fangirl.
Written by MAKAVELI on 2006/10/28

interesting posts.
Written by RobertFastHand (10) on 2006/10/28

Mr New York your a funny dude.WOW WOW WOW, MISTAKILLA must fill like shit.Sony Defense Force Baby lol.
Written by MAKAVELI on 2006/10/28

DM ,

I think you will have to create a "beef" section on the forum to keep this guys out of this treads.

I mean what all this crap have to do with the treads title?

Please guys give us a break , if you have nothing to post about...just dont do IT!!!!
Written by Gotti on 2006/10/28

Yes, Makaveli has a point. I have been editing the posts in this thread (and others) a bit too often lately. We dont mind debate or even flaming, but please try to keep the language under control and as on-topic as possible.

Written by Matt (160) on 2006/10/28

This has gone too far now the little 13 year old found another little friend to play with.

On the same point, if this people really are older than 13/14 they really should be ashamed.
Written by Kenny K on 2006/10/28

wow there is a lot of fanboy banter going on in here. im, the troll, but im not the one that goes out of my way to bash anything related to the ps3 now am i?? something looks good i say it looks good, if something is untrue (anything sony says basically) i try to point out the truth.

oh and Mr. New York, telling me to ask sky if im a troll is got to be about the dumbest thing i have ever heard. go on and talk about my dino brain, makes no difference to me.

i live in reality and have seen what these systems can do a deep metal level.

i go on about how these two systems are VERY comparative with both having set-backs. there is nothing one can do that the other cant really on some levels. they both excel at different areas and neither one really trumps one in power.

but im the troll? yeah, i go out of my way and proclaim "teh ps3 sux!!", bullshit. the system may be flawed by design, but its still powerful

i hope you get what sarcasm that is there
Written by optaviusx on 2006/10/28

Mr new york maybe you need to stop talking like you are some sort of thug it makes you sound like an idiot.

You and I both know you are some fake. Also yea.. having enough common sense to know that if the console itself can go to a 1080p resolution then clearly the developers can make the choice to build their game at native 1080p if they choose to means I'm lying? Oh boy this is sad I feel very sorry for you mr new york. Also it'd be nice if you quit making a mockery out of the words New York its embarassing :)
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/29

Oh god here they come,It takes a idiot to respond to a idiot?wow you guys are so smart.Let me give you guys a PHD.
Written by 360? (1) on 2006/10/29

A lot of foolishness is seen up.

Though it is all lies easily cheated.

Written by Kenny K on 2006/10/29

no thanks Mr. New York i already have my degree. nothing you say is educated, its all "xbox sucks!! you xbots are doing down!!" wah wah wah.

just play your plaything and let us discuss gaming, is that really so hard?

seriously do you see me, "the troll", going in ps3 specific posts doing nothing but preaching of how the ps3 sucks??

there is a reason your outnumbered learn why
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/29

ok kenny k your right.>]
Written by Kenny K on 2006/10/29

thank you, great to see that you finally have opened your eyes.
Written by MR NEW YORK (156) on 2006/10/29

np Kenny k I'am really sorry for my negative ways,starting today I'm a new person.I was trolling because certain people was acting foolish way before me

that's what I was trying to get you to see.but it's

ok because I should have ignored the foolish post.Also

like i said i'm sorry to all you guys/Peace
Written by Dlacy13g (40) on 2006/10/29

Good God this has been a funny a$$ read! Mud slingin at it's finest!

As for the topic at hand. If anyone doesn't think Konami is considering MGS4 for the 360 than you are kidding yourselves as they know they would easily sell a million copies in the first month. I am sure they have or are considering. What however we don't know...is how locked in they are to being a Sony exclusive. So time will tell...but given Sony's delays and the rapidly changinge (downward) expectations of shipped units...I am sure they are looking at all angles.
Written by mike_mgoblue on 2006/10/30

Metal Gear Solid 4 isn't scheduled to be released until Christmas season of 2007, so this isn't a very big deal.

Xbox 360 gamers have a LOT of games to play NOW!!!
Written by CooperHawkes (1) on 2006/10/30

I really could care less. It would be financially beneficial for Konami to do it, but Kojima has a tendency to tweek the controls for whatever system he develops on. Kojima was also very vocal with the MGS2 port as he felt the control was screwed up.

IF (And that's a big IF) it happens, it will be against Kojima's will.
Written by by (1) on 2006/10/31

Metal Gear Solid 4 is not very wonderful because it never sells it with Xbox360. The Xbox360 user notices not reaching to 10 million within 2006.

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