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Konami Confirms Silent Hill 5, Will Be Like SH2 >
2006/11/25 18:01:51: Posted by DM
According to the UK OPM magazine, Silent Hill 5 is indeed coming, and apparently it will be similar to Silent Hill 2 in gameplay. The atmosphere and direction will also resemble the second installment, with the focus on psychological horror, letting your mind do the work. The better way that is, folks. No word on a platform, but both consoles is probably a safe bet.

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Written by Fishcake21 on 2006/11/25

so in otherwords it would suck?

Actually Silent hill 2 is ok, but real fans of the Silent hill games are into continuity, which 2 doesn't but at the same time it does have that sick atmosphere that we love, so its acceptable

Thank god its not based on part 4, as that one suck ass, even if there's some typical scary moments, its nothing compare to Silent hill 3 or even 2
Written by WeaponX on 2006/11/25

Silent Hill 2 had the best story and atmosphere out of all the previous games. Konami made the best choice possible by making Silent Hil 5 similar to this.
Written by blah on 2006/11/25

I like sequels, but they really should use that money for making at least one new IP title. There are many sequels to a lot of games, especially for the PS3, that are coming out and i think its better to make something original that would stand out from the crowd. Games like Heavenly Sword and Gears of War are new IPs really have more of my interest than Devil May Cry 4 and the countless Mario games (except Super Smash Bros.). Even though those games are awesome, both are still the same games ive been playing since they came out. Im not saying make a lot of IPs, but games like Silent Hill 5 can be made later on in the next-gen lifetime. Konami should concentrate on making a new IP that would really gain interest. Capcom did a great job of that by bringing Dead Rising and Lost Planet to the scene, and both will be very successful franchises. But i guess Konami is really banking on MGS4, which is why it is a possibility that the game could go multi-platform.
Written by Unbiased Technology Professor on 2006/11/25

Silent Hill games never really had my interest in the past, but if a new one were to be released for the Xbox 360, I would definitely take a look at it and be ready to purchase it.
Written by Crazyray87 on 2006/11/25

Silent hill 3 was awesome in my opinion :)
Written by Gaara's Bane on 2006/11/25

eh resident evil is the better of the two in my opinion.
Written by Fishcake21 on 2006/11/25

Bah, even if a new one was out for say xbox 360 and definetely take a look at it and ready for purchase, none of you fucks know about the "dark atmosphere" that draws you into silent hill in the first place, which means you should have no business touching it

This is from a true fan that touch everything silent hill related (Even PAL version with the updates! and the So and so movie)
Written by Gaara's Bane on 2006/11/26

umm but how would you know what us fucks would know about "dark atmosphere"? nothings worse than a self centered person.
Written by teitoku on 2006/11/26

Psychological horror? They all have monsters.
Written by admiralj on 2006/11/26

SH2 had a decent stand-alone story, but i think many sh purists hate it because it has nothing to do with the first one... not that any of the sh games share much in common with their predecessors anyway. but i agree with fishcake, the macabre atmosphere is where SH's true appeal is - even with SH4, as boring as it was towards the end.
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