Jack Thompson Has 16 Year Old Arrested For Death Threats >
2005/12/10 14:02:55: Posted by DM
It seems that our favorite anti-game lawyer is at it again. This time he had a 16 year old boy pulled out of school and arrested for making torture and death threats similar to that of a video game he played. The boy can receive up to a year and a half behind bars and a combined $6000 dollar fine. While we might agree with the boy's general sentiment, we cannot stress enough that this was the worst way to go about it. People who act like this Texas boy give Jack Thompson the fuel he needs to show the world that games do indeed encourage children to be violent. Please, think about things like this before you do them, and try not to further damage the legitimate campaign to stop this man.

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Written by neoimpulse on 2005/12/10
Once I get approved for a gun license I will take this guy out.
Written by john (4) on 2005/12/10
Careful of those death threats neoimpulse ^^

Written by Testicular erosion. (1) on 2005/12/10
Fuck Jack Thompson, he's a retard that has balls the size of foreskin lint, so he picks fights with teenagers, gets pwned during a flame war with one, and then backs out with pathetic comments like a moron.
Written by plonk420 on 2005/12/10
curious to know how long it will take for the site to receive a subpoena for neoimp's IP info ;D

T.E.'s comments are completely legit, just consider Showtime's show Bullshit :D
Written by XAL (31) on 2005/12/10
Didn't he get his license to practice law suspended?

Written by Nate (2) on 2005/12/11
PSP Updates has copied your article word for word, letter for letter, just like they do everyone else. I recommend you send them a nastygram.
Written by gee on 2005/12/11
All I can say is it's nice to finally see a legit legal case involving this hack, Jack Thompson. I hate to say it, but I'm glad to see this kid punished as there is no excuse for this kind of behavior.

The fact of the matter is, this 16-year-old threatened someone's life. As a result, he broke the law and now he will have to pay the price.
Written by Oen on 2005/12/11
Thank you for informing us about PSPupdates, however their site clearly says the source is our site, they even supply a link. Look at the bottom of the article.

Written by joris on 2005/12/11
I have only one word to say : PWNED!!! :D
Written by raw1 (1) on 2005/12/11
some kids or may i say most kids are ignorant. bad influences sux. dont know the difference between reality and fiction.
Written by Angst N IceCream on 2005/12/11
Careful neoimpulse, I already have the right to carry my pistols, and I would HATE to have to try to protect JT and bystanders from some kid on a shooting spree.

...Maybe I'd wait till the kid fired a shot or two first, just to make sure he's serious before returning fire.

BTW, if you're planning to get a gun to kill somebody with, buying one from the standard markets is a bad idea to begin with.

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