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Dreamcast To Be Re-Released For Radilgy? >
2005/12/11 10:28:34: Posted by DM
Gamefront is claiming that the Dreamcast is going to be re-released with the new cel-shaded shooter Radilgy. This seems a bit far fetched to us considering the game does not even look that great. Click on the news title for Radilgy screens.

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Written by ricardio mendes (1) on 2006/02/17

massa esse cara qe fala do dreamcast ........
Written by MAKAVELI on 2006/08/06

a dreamcast era uma boa consola .... oh ricardo gostaste da dreamcast?

pois poucas pessoas gostaram mas que teve um grande jogo isso teve.

shenmue arrasa....hoje ainda era possivel se vended o 3
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