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120Gig Black Xbox360 With HDMI Official!? >
2007/02/07 6:18:13: Posted by vividbreeze
Just yesterday our inside source gave us a tip that Microsoft Australia has told a store named Myer to prepare the store for a Black 360 with a 120GB hard drive in April. Well day 2 of product knowledge today (Brisbane, Australia) featured Microsoft themselves and it's now 100% official that the Black 360, (with black controller), 120gb hard drive and HDMI is due out in Australia for $749 AU in April. They will try to push this forward to late March to deter buyers from the March 23 PS3 launch. Hopefully we see this good news sometime in Europe and USA. Should you take it as a grain of salt or not, whats your thoughts?

*Update: Apparently, our source claims that there are photos of this unit floating around. We will try to procure them.

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Written by WORMGERM on 2007/02/07

Let's hope they release a seperate 120Gig HD if on the slim chance this is true
Written by neoimpulse on 2007/02/07

Hopefully that 120gb hdd will be made available without having to buy this new 360 package.
Written by Tecno_Geek on 2007/02/07

not really worried , I barely use my hd space and i dont care about the hdmi , since i got a vga conection to my tv.

The only thing that i will miss i the black colour , however i know places when i car replace it.

not really worried , I barely use my hd space and i dont care about the hdmi , since i got a vga conection to my tv.

The only thing that i will miss i the black colour , however i know places when i can replace it.

p,s - hummm 65nm cpu.....

I wonder if the core model will disepear to let the premium and black version on the market.

The premium version will be cheaper , letting the back version with the 200 dolar tag.

it will be a great time to pick one of this models.
Written by LiK on 2007/02/07

why australia??
Written by zwandaba on 2007/02/07

If they release the 120gb hardrive is IP tv going to be available in the UK??
Written by Neo Fruity Loops on 2007/02/07

Looks like another SKU instead of a direct replacement for the Premium version.
Written by deaftly on 2007/02/07

black 360's are dev kits, ms already explained the hdmi unit and they have no plans to release it, welcome to old news
Written by kidkit on 2007/02/07

I would consider selling my 360 to my roomate and getting this but only if the 360 IPTV gets some support where I live :)
Written by zwandaba on 2007/02/07

With that 120gb hardrive they could start distributing full xbox 360 games like gears of war via xbox live
Written by arthur56k on 2007/02/07

i dont really care, they have a great console as it is, the only reson they would do this is if they wanted to get more attention
Written by maddcoder on 2007/02/07

well, if this black 360 comes out, i'd like to get it too. maybe sell one of my 360(have 2) and get a black one. i'm sure they'll sell the 120g hdd separate for people who want to upgrade.
Written by Unbiased Technology Professor on 2007/02/07

Now that Microsoft has made it so you can have the ability to download movies and TV shows to the Xbox 360 hard-drive, I have to say that a lot of space has been taken up on my hard-drive. For gaming, the 20GB hard-drive is fine, but if you want to have a bunch of different movies, then I guess you would be better off with the 120 GB one. The 20GB hard-drive does offer you the ability to store quite a few TV shows and several movies, though. I am sure that the larger hard-drive will be something that can be purchased.
Written by NUTTSACK on 2007/02/07

Nuttsack typically does not respond to rumours. However a bigger HDD would be nice. HDMI: Don't care, I just hope if a new SKU for the 360 came out with the above specs that they dont price it any higher than $399.00. That they also drop the Premium 360 to $299.00, and the core to either $249.00 or $199.00. Time for mass market penetration Microsoft!!!!!
Written by AUS Elite on 2007/02/08

grate news wonder how much the 120GB Hard Drive well be by it's self though
Written by Tecno_Geek on 2007/02/08

It would be nice if we could use or own harddrive , i can get 200GB drives for cheap prices.
Written by PsYko on 2007/02/09

Written by LiK on 2007/02/07

why australia??

Its to match the colour of Vegemite :D

Go Aussies!
Written by uppitycracker on 2007/02/15

I work at a video game retail store, and today we had the price of this system into our computers. The description in the computer is X360 Black (120g), $479.99 is the going rate for one of these (this never tends to change upon the actual release of the system), awesome price, still cheaper than the cheapest PS3 and a hell of a lot more worth it. And I would expect mid if not late april for the release, although I still havent heard anything official...
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