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Sam & Max Episode 4 Available On GameTap >
2007/02/22 15:26:40: Posted by DM


This latest episode promises to be the funniest in the critically acclaimed series to date as Sam & Max take on none other than the President of the United States. After the nation is subjected to federally-mandated group hugs and a horrifying embargo on pudding, Sam & Max are off to Washington D.C. to get control of the demented president. But once they arrive, the political climate only gets stormier and a new power will rise.

Episode 4 embraces fan feedback gathered during the first three episodes – a revolutionary advance only possible in this unique episodic development format. Players can look forward to all new environments and puzzles, as well as even more of the trademark Sam & Max humor.

Information about this new episode, along with the first 3 original episodes, is currently available at www.gametap.com/samandmax. Subscribers get first access to every Sam & Max episode as well as GameTap TV programs like the 1997 Sam & Max hit cartoon series and all-new Sam & Max machinima shorts.

GameTap is currently offering a fantastic promotion: sign up today and your first month of service is only 99 cents. Subscribers receive 24-7 access to all that GameTap offers, including GameTap Original games “Sam & Max: Season 1” and “Myst Online: Uru Live,” along with more than 800 of the greatest games on-demand and 600 original shows on GameTap TV.

To view Sam & Max trailers and machinima shorts or to download screensavers and wallpaper – visit www.gametap.com/samandmax. For screenshots and downloadable video that you can post on your own site, visit http://vip.telltalegames.com.

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Sam & Max

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Written by MAKAVELI on 2007/02/24

I DONT know why do you even bother reporting this kinda of games.
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