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JoWood Announces Deal To Bring Sam & Max To Retail >
2007/03/15 10:01:42: Posted by DM
It seems that JoWood is going to be bringing one of the quirkiest point-and-click adventure games in the past few years to retail shelves this August. As of now, the only way to join Sam & Max on their adventures was on a pay-per-download episode basis. Great news, click read for for the full info.


Vienna, Austria. March 15, 2007. Sam & Max, the legendary dog and rabbit crime-fighting stars that have been reintroduced to the gaming public with Telltale's downloadable episodic series Sam & Max: Season 1, are finally returning to retail stores worldwide beginning in August 2007.

Sam & Max aren't your average crime-fighting duo. Sam is a six-foot tall canine shamus with a love of justice. Max is hyperkinetic rabbity-thing with a taste for violence. Together, Sam & Max are the Freelance Police, ridding the streets of bottom-feeding sludge one dastardly miscreant at a time.

Over the last two de cades, Sam & Max have appeared in a number of formats, including independent comics created by Steve Purcell, an interactive PC adventure game, a Saturday morning cartoon, a webcomic strip, and now innovative episodic games developed by Telltale. The Adventure Company's Sam & Max: Season 1 release marks this series' first foray into retail stores, giving customers worldwide an opportunity to see why the game's bizarre humor, crazy characters, vivid 3D graphics, and good, old-fashioned point & click gameplay make Sam & Max: Season 1 the funniest PC game in years.

“We are excited about working with Telltale. Sam & Max is a strong franchise and fans across Europe, and the world over, are highly anticipating Sam & Max: Season 1,” said Albert Seidl, CEO of JoWooD Productions Software AG. “The worldwide retail release will allow us to bring Sam & Max to a wider audience since the game will be available in the five main languages.”

Sam & Max: Season 1 will be r eleased for Windows® with a targeted global release date of August 2007.

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Sam & Max

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