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2007/03/16 14:50:18: Posted by DM
The first footage of Sony's two characters in their next-gen debut. As you can imagine, the video looks fantastic. The video may take a little while to load, but it is worth it. Check it out.

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Ratchet And Clank Future

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Written by Kenny K on 2007/03/16

before i check it out can anyone (reliable) tell me if it's real time or not?
Written by IVkm on 2007/03/16

It is.
Written by Sky on 2007/03/16

yea it is.. very small though
Written by CianMCL on 2007/03/16

looks good ive always loved r&c games
Written by grindking on 2007/03/16

if this is realtime then the only part that actually is real is about a 3-5 second part in the middle of the video. the rest is all cg. they killzone2'd yet again. nothing exciting to see here, just a teaser trailer of what they want you to expect in the game.
Written by daveydz3 on 2007/03/16

the current egm has screenshots that they report are from actual gameplay
Written by Smarty Pantz on 2007/03/16

Why is it so hard to beleive that those are gameplay or engine shots.. its a totally different art style than a game going for a more realistic look.
Written by silverwolf on 2007/03/16

After watching littleplanet why is this so hard to believe?
Written by Sky on 2007/03/16

According to the 1up show that came out today.. one of the editors saw it being played.. he basically said the game looks better way better then that trailer and the scans that were released a few weeks ago
Written by sicbud on 2007/03/16

people don't want to believe it becasue they just hate sony... if this was a trailer for the xbox360 the comments would be different..

i cannot wait to play this game. ratchet and clank has always been one of my favorite series! It's looking great so far!
Written by steve_o_3000 on 2007/03/16

looks cool. i'll probably pick this one up.
Written by Sky on 2007/03/16

h ttp://ps3.justgotowned.com/

im a slightly biased ps3 fanboy.. but this video has me crying.. ITS SOOO FUNNY

what yall think?
Written by sicbud on 2007/03/16

that is an OLD ASS video dude.. there use to be a website where you could substitute "ps3" with whatever you want.. so there were a bunch of links to that vid with peoples names.. bill gates etc...

so yeah, pretty old, but funny.
Written by grindking on 2007/03/16

i have every right to not like a company especially one that demonstrates their bad business ethics and arrogance. a company who constantly lies to me won't have my support forever case in point with sony. they lied to me after ps1 with the ps2, they lied to me about the psp, and now they lied to me about the ps3. i choose not to support companies with these horrible ethics and that is my right to do so.
Written by sicbud on 2007/03/16

yes that is your right. no one said it wasn't..
Written by B1ueadmiral on 2007/03/17

Yes Sicbud, Ps3 Fanboys will always say yes because of all the features that aren't related to gaming.. Like Imma really write a report for my job on linus or put windows on a ps3 and write a word document.. then send it to my printer right? right.

and how about spending $35 on a HD movie when I could get it for a $6 rental on my 360 and call it a day. Someone come to rescue your beloved, oh then there is home, invite all my friends to the same game.. and there is always this one A*hole that don't want to play the game that everyone else wants to play or don't have it or don't want to pay for it. hold up let me just go through my friend list on which is a botton away and pick the people out thats already in the game to join up with thats already in a game on my 360. damn... let me walk around and find out who is interested in the games I like and want to play.. 10min gone by 20mins gone by damn I just want to play the game already... Innovation can't be nicked picked it actually gotta be innovation.

Guess what nobody is HOME, hold up,.. lets us all watch this porn together... (on the mic)"are you playing with your thing cause I'm playing with my thing".. I can see closet man ralling 2gether already.. Go PS3.

Disclaimer: Suck it up Fanboys.
Written by jockss2 on 2007/03/17

notice how utp doesnt post on these stories that are good? he can't think of an essay to write to put down the ps3..
Written by steve_o_3000 on 2007/03/17

i'm sure he could post about how the game boy advance outsold the PS3 last month. anyways, this game looks great and i'm sure it will be fun as hell.
Written by sicbud on 2007/03/17

you're an idiot B1ueadmiral.. I'm not even going to waste anymore of my time replying to your retarded post..

Written by B1ueadmiral on 2007/03/18

you don't have to... Sicbud, just suck it up because you really don't have nothing to come back with. and from what I can recall.. this is your first time reply to any of my comments. if you have something to say to me.. put my name in it all the time so I know your talkin to me.. I didn't mean to hurt your pride but I did mean to talk Sh!t about your beloved. Compitition is always good.
Written by blah on 2007/03/18

1st of all, this video is a real time demonstration of the gameplay in Ratchet and Clank PS3.

2nd, B1ueadmiral if you were a real gamer you wouldnt be talking any shit right now. That video is real-time and the only reason why people wouldnt believe it is because they hate Sony, hence sicbud being right. i mean if you see the HD video you can see some lo-res textures in the enviornments and such but other than that it looks fantastic. You do know there is such thing as a form of fanboy other than a sony fanboy, and you are the definition of it. so why dont you stop posting anti-PS3 comments when everyone in this site either doesnt care or thinks you're a fucking retard.
Written by B1ueadmiral on 2007/03/18

First your name is Blah, you want me to take you serious when I think anytthing you say towards me is Blah. FYI I was gonna buy a PS3 before I played FNR3 on the 360. I state in most my post these are just opinions of mine, no need for name calling.

2nd The ones that don't care for my comments and think I'm a retard don't comment back... Besides you think its koo to have a name like Blah. Ok Blah? Ok, Blah. Thank you for posting. Blah
Written by Itaintrite on 2007/03/21

Speak for yourself. I'm sure people would take someone with a number in their name seriously on the internet. *rolls eyes*

y0u'r3 su(h 4 hyp0cr1t3

"and how about spending $35 on a HD movie when I could get it for a $6 rental on my 360 and call it a day."

Wow, rental service. Why did nobody think of that? Oh wait, Blockbuster.

Stop going offtopic just to show how totally biased and 360-fanboyish you are. This is a Ratchet and Clank thread. Let it be so. And if you give me that "he started first", guess we'll all know who the bigger man isn't.
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