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Metal Gear Solid 3 Hits The Big Screen >
2005/12/13 14:55:02: Posted by DM
It seems that there wil be a theatrical movie release of MGS3 in Japan. The movie runs for 3 hours, and there will be a 30 minute intermission between acts. Kojima and his team apparently have put a lot of effort into making the game work as a film, yet still making sure to maintain the look and feel of the MGS series. On December 22 at 9:30am Hideo and the crew will be previewing it to raffle winners who entered a contest in Japan. Hideo, this better get some sort of US release or we will be severly disappointed.

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Written by JW (74) on 2005/12/13

This is exactly the reason people make the (justified argument) that MGS is more movie than it is game. And the gameplay is quite lacking at that.
Written by DM on 2005/12/13

I enjoy playing movies though, thats why i like Xenosags too, MGS3 was my fav of all of them
Written by JW (74) on 2005/12/13

The problem lies in the fact that the actual gameplay is so ho-hum that you look forward to the next cutscene more than anything else.
Written by WORMGERM on 2005/12/13

me thinks even if it doesn't get a US or anywhere else release it will be included as a bonus with the game. Hey a man can hope can't he?
Written by poosho (1) on 2005/12/23

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