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2007/04/14 6:37:11: Posted by vividbreeze
Fragland went to London for two days to meet the devs of Splash Damage who are currently working on Enemy Territory : Quake Wars. Their report of this trip is now available online.

**UPDATE** On the request of Activision, Fragland has taken their event coverage of last week’s Quake Wars event offline until Monday. So check back Monday morning.

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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

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Written by Nemesis IX on 2007/04/15

i'm sort of looking forward to this game, if its anything like unreal then i'll be very happy and if there is an editor i might just make a few levels.
Written by Kenny K on 2007/04/16

this will be more like quake then unreal
Written by Nemesis IX on 2007/04/16

who's a funny guy ^^
Written by Kenny K on 2007/04/16

im sorry it was rather easy, i meant no offense bud
Written by Nemesis IX on 2007/04/16

i know i was just been a wise ass back. i meant for it to be like unreal 04 and quake 3.
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