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2007/05/25 14:52:46: Posted by DM
We have no idea of the authenticity of this image, but if it is to be believed, then it seems Crysis is coming to the Wii, if not all 3 next-gen consoles. As you can see from the image, the graphics are looking pretty impressive, although why Crytek would choose to put the game on the Wii first, is beyond us. Rumor mill for sure. (Thanks, Faceless)

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Written by VaeVictus on 2007/05/25

Crysis on Wii = impossible.
Written by nock on 2007/05/25

agreed. I'm a huge fan of Nintendo and the Wii...but this would take an absolute miracle to happen
Written by Kenny K on 2007/05/25

no game is impossible on any system, killzone 2 could be put on a dreamcast.

the only thing to keep in mind is that any game in question will not be the same game as originally planned when moved to these less powerful platforms.

so while it's impossible to have THE crysis on the Wii, it is still possible to have A version of crysis on the Wii. no matter how different it is.

besides, i'll believe it when i see it, this could be a VERY early and unfinished picture that got leaked for some idiot to photoshop and spread on the net.
Written by headblackman on 2007/05/25

it looks pretty solid considering it's the wii, id buy it :)
Written by QuestimElite on 2007/05/26

becuz it would sell more than 360 & PS3 put together
Written by Nemesis IX on 2007/05/26

its possible i guess, the graphics do look dumbed down a bit and worse lighting, so its for the people who want crysis but don't have $1,000 to upgrade there pc's. if it comes to the Wii why not 360 or ps3?
Written by MAKAVELI on 2007/05/26

I wouldnt be surprise if crysis come the wii too , they are selling consoles like "water in a desert".

Also , people o brought the wii are not exactly interested in the best graphics around.

Written by Kizza on 2007/05/29

Hi, this is Kizza from inCrysis, a major Crysis fansite dedicated to bringing you the latest news about our favourite game.

Unfortunately for Wii fans, this appears to be a mistake made by 1UP in their video editing. If you care to download the updated version from their website you will see where the mistake was made. Cheer up, Nintendo Kid :)

"so while it's impossible to have THE crysis on the Wii, it is still possible to have A version of crysis on the Wii. no matter how different it is."

True, just as Cevat put it. ;)
Written by VaeVictus on 2007/05/29

One of the major selling points of Crysis is the amazing graphics. The dev's have said on a number of occasions that it would be impossible on any current console. Now, that may just be smoke and mirrors to throw people off, but the game does look damned amazing on PC. I bet the video card it takes to run it costs as much as a PS3.
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