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Sony Offers Gamestop Managers Prizes For Pushing PS3 Units >
2007/06/06 0:57:59: Posted by DM
Our source at Gamestop has come through for us again, folks. We know how this sounds, but trust us, we have the documents to back it up. Apparently, Sony is currently running a behind-the-scenes contest with Gamestop that is resulting in employees pushing the Sony console on consumers. The contest works as follows.

Sony assigns a target sales number for each Gamestop store. This figure is obtained by using at the average PS3 sales numbers from April of this year, and manipulating it a bit. Then, the store manager in each district that sells the most PS3 units above the Sony assigned goal will be recognized as the winner. The manager who wins is then awarded 20,000 points to use on the Sony/Gamestop rewards website. On top of that, the manager of the number one store in the entire company wins an additional 10,000 points. Since we cannot access the reward site, we cannot tell just how much junk 30,000 points can buy, but we expect it is a decent amount. If anyone has any more info on this program, let us know. In the meantime, you can read it for yourself by clicking the link.

*Update1: We got some more information on the Gamestop point system and what it can buy you, thanks to reader FragNemesis!

Playstation 3 games (and they only offer Sony-published ones, so Motorstorm, Resistance, Genji, and NBA '07 are the only ones currently offered) cost 3450 points to purchase. Since these games are $60, the point/dollar ratio is 57.5 points per dollar. 20k points is almost $350 in games. They do not currently offer the purchase of PS3s on their website.

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Sony Gamestop PS3 Sales Contest

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Written by Gaara's Bane on 2007/06/06

ohhh boy .. first comment in probably a long list of them to come. >_> <_<
Written by NUTTSACK on 2007/06/06

I wonder if it is true. I will go in and act lika an idiot and ask which next gen console I should buy... 3 months ago I was at an EBGames, there were 2 employee's there, one was some nerdy guy was jocking the 360 hard. He talked about the games, the graphics, and XBOX Live. But some FAT-A$$ Butch Dyke was jocking the PS3. I asked her why I should buy a PS3 and she said Blue-Ray and all of the backwards compatability. I then told her I dont watch movies I play videogames, and I still had my PS2 to play my old games with. She sure as heck STFU after that!!!!!
Written by LordFlux on 2007/06/06

Well the two reasons she mentioned are the two main reasons why I purchased a PS3. My PS2 was dying and I have a large collection of PS2 games I don't want to get rid of. Also, my fiance and I are big movie buffs and the PS3 is a cheap Blu-Ray player. So I traded in my dying PS2 and got $100 off of a PS3.
Written by DM on 2007/06/06

i still dont understand why when a person can only afford one console at a time, that that means the consoles they cant afford to buy are crapola,

thats how fanboys are born
Written by arthur56k on 2007/06/06

this company is getting desperate
Written by bob on 2007/06/06

I heard that last month the PS3 had record low sales, but I didn't know it was this bad.
Written by daveydz3 on 2007/06/06

isn't this like illegal? i dunno, very sketchy
Written by Deihmos on 2007/06/06

This should be considered a bribe and I am sure it is illegal.
Written by madgunde on 2007/06/06


Well said.

As for this promo, it's pretty common practice, I'm sure Microsoft has run similar promotions before. I know Microsoft used to require retailers to maintain a certain level of inventory of all their products in order to be eligible for an additional discount off the wholesale price. They would actually send people to the stores and check your inventory and if you had fewer than the required quantity of just one item, you didn't get your discount, which made you less competitive against bigger outfits. I used to work at a small computer store and this was a serious pain in the ass. Not sure if they're still doing this, and if it applies to the XBox, but it would explain all the inventory at retail. This would certainly help boost their shipments.
Written by RyeRye XMG on 2007/06/06

This is not an uncommon practice in this industry or others as well. Companies have long been offering 'payola' to retailers as incentive for pushing their products. In some cases, like over the radio for example, it's illegal to accept cash or gifts in return for playing an artist's song. Sounds to me like Sony is trying to do the same thing. It's not a bait-and-switch, which would be illegal, but it does look like a desperate attempt to sell items that just simply aren't moving off store shelves. Sony is in trouble and the main reason isn't the 360 or the Wii or the lack of games...it's the price point and until they lower the price on the PS3 they will continue to have dismal sales. Consumers have already spoken with their wallets.
Written by rainofire on 2007/06/06

When i worked at gamestop as a manager we got perks from selling xbox 360 systems, games and accessories in the middle of 2006. Don't know why, we just did. We got cash, games and systems. It's sales, it's not illegeal. Sony offers Gamestop "hey, you sell a ton of systems and we give you a discount or cash incentive." Gamestop turns around and says they are doing a company promotion by giving to the employees an "incentive." The retail merchandisers would give the managers games, accessories and demos when they would come in. This isn't surprising at all.
Written by Itaintrite on 2007/06/06

Right, only the most naive people would believe Microsoft weren't doing the same thing. Seriously... do you even believe the "shortage" was due to unbelievable demands? or just shitty supply?
Written by madgunde on 2007/06/06


Thanks for confirming what I suspected, that Microsoft has had similar promotions in the past. But of course it wasn't a desperate attempt for them, was it 360 fanboys? It's called marketing people, and this kind of promotion is done regardless of how well your stuff is selling. The point is ALWAYS to sell more.
Written by Gotti on 2007/06/06

But there is a difference between what rain explained and what sony is doing here. MS wanted ALL their products pushed, which seems obvious that any company would want, whereas Sony is only offering perks for pushing the PS3, not their games or other systems and accessories
Written by madgunde on 2007/06/07

@ Gotti, I fail to see the relevance. Both are the same type of incentive program, selling more consoles will automatically sell more accessories and games.
Written by arthur56k on 2007/06/07

the difference is that when i pull up into one of their stores, they will do their best to pull me from buying any other console on offer, they will give me a tainted instead of an informed view, in the hope that i will get to buy the console that they are getting incentives for.

as for MS, there is little doubt that they have run one or some of their own, i never heard that they did, that therein lies the difference
Written by Mandy5367 on 2007/07/26

I work at GameStop and I've been rattling my brain over these incentive programs for a while.

Yes, this program is true. But you don't see the fine print in it all. Only store managers get these points, therefore causing the rest of the staff (assistants -me- and down) to not give 2 shizznits about selling a bunch of PS3's or making you reserve a certain game. I pay absolutely no attention to these offers, so don't fear coming into GameStop and getting sold some crap game. We don't make commission, so we give HONEST opinions when you ask "does this game suck?"

At least I do.
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