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Harmonix Promises Weekly Full Album Downloads For Rock Band >
2007/07/12 12:21:46: Posted by DM
Harmonix and their Rock Band partner, MTV, has promised that there will be at least one full album available for download per week for the upcoming Rock Band title. The first album offered after release will be The Who's Who's Next, a classic choice if you ask us. Full album offerings is a pretty risky gamble though, many gamers these days prefer to listen to their favorite tracks and skip the ones they do not know. Hopefully Rock Band is able to change the dynamic.

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Written by xCHRISx on 2007/07/12

I don't believe they're releasing full albums every week. They said 2 songs per week with occasionally a full album and/or 'band pack'.
Written by Walkin on 2007/07/12

All this for 10 easy payments of $19.99.
Written by Itaintrite on 2007/07/12

Hehe. I don't know how this will work. M$ decides the price on Xbox Live, not sure bout PSN.
Written by Nine on 2007/07/13

I wonder on which console it will be cheaper :P
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