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2007/07/15 7:42:43: Posted by vividbreeze
BeyondUnreal has had the chance to sit down with Steve Polge, for an interview to answer many questions. You will find out if all 3 platforms will be identical or not, more info on new maps, weapons, ircchat and much more! Head on over to BeyondUnreal and check it out.

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Unreal Tournament 3

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Written by Unbiased Technology Professor on 2007/07/15

It's no surprise that Polge makes it clear that the PC version will be the best.

I was surprised that Polge actually makes it very clear that the console versions will run so much more slowly than the PC version. That isn't the sort of thing that developers usually say, because it takes hype away from the console versions.

I was also surprised by the way this interview seems to indicate that only the PC version of Unreal 3 will use Keyboard & Mouse support. Then again, I never actually remember hearing Midway or Epic officially say that the Keyboard & Mouse support would or would not be coming to consoles in the first place. But it seems that the consoles will have some sort of new targeting system that "tries" to keep things fair.

I think they need to have another interview, because there are more questions that need to be asked.
Written by sicbud on 2007/07/15

your an idiot
Written by Unbiased Technology Professor on 2007/07/15

Response to sicbud:

I believe what you meant to say was:

"You're an idiot."

The fact of the matter is, using the word, "your," instead of the word, "You're," when you are trying to go on the offensive is an extremely stupid thing to do.

It leaves you open to comback comments such as:

"You're the idiot!!!"

Make that, "comEback" comments such as:

"You're the idiot!!!"

You see, sicbud, there are benefits that come with proofreading.

Now, if you want to shake hands and be friends, I would be happy to do so. I don't know why you decided to go on the offensive in the first place. My hand is out...it's waiting to be shaken...it's up to you: ==K
Written by sicbud on 2007/07/15

Why would I want to shake hands with you? So I made a simple mistake by not proofreading. I was tired.

Anyways, keep sucking that MS cock UTP.
Written by WORMGERM on 2007/07/16

why is C3PO is this game?
Written by kidkit on 2007/07/16

They talk about the menu being different on PC for keyboard and mouse but they don't deny that ps3 may support them... Not sure what You were reading UTP, other than 'between the lines'.
Written by Unbiased Technology Professor on 2007/07/16

Response to kidkit:

I was referring to the way that Polge talks about the console versions (plural) having a new type of targeting system, different than the PC version. The reason this type of new targeting system would be needed is because of a lack of compatibility with keyboard and mouse.

You are correct, that it doesn't necessarily mean that compatibility with keyboard and mouse will not be included with the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, because he didn't say so...but it would have been a lot better if he would have said that PS3 users and/or Xbox 360 users would have the option of using a keyboard and mouse configuration, in addition to controllers.

Unfortunately, Polge didn't say that, which leaves me wondering what will actually happen.
Written by Fair and Balanced Tech Teacher on 2007/07/16

I am a member of many many video game threads and forums and I am usually just a lurker, but having recently fallen into this site, it's hard not to comment on some of the overly biased things you have to say. Sure you aren't a reincarnate of Hitler's spinsters...working for a new evil overtaking the world? You can twist and spin more than washing machine son. You are wearing red ringed colored glasses with red ring colored contacts covered by a red ring colored welding mask.
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