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Cliffy B Talks Bioshock, Crysis, Stranglehold, Condemned 2 >
2007/07/16 13:46:53: Posted by DM
Cliffy B, the ever present face of Epic games, spoke about some of the more anticipated next-gen titles on his personal website. Four games that he mentioned iin particular were Condemned 2, Crysis, Strangehold, and Bioshock. He seems very excited about all, and being the creator of Gears of War, his opinion tends to carry some weight. Check the link for all he had to say.

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Written by Unbiased Technology Professor on 2007/07/16

After making the decision to put Gears of War on PC, I think that Cliffy B doesn't have "The Touch." He doesn't have what it takes to "Ride the eye of the storm." When I saw Bill Gates meet Cliffy B for the first time at last years E3, and Gates congratulated him on his work, I thought, "Man, Cliffy B has what it takes to open the Matrix."

I just don't know about that anymore...I just don't know.

I think the Matrix of Leadership at Epic is empty now, and it's up to all of them to fill it again with the wisdom they accumulate from this moment on!
Written by Nemesis IX on 2007/07/16

Shut up UTP, Cliff B kicks ass without him as a front to epic things wouldn't be the same for them. he is just about the best lead dev out there, i'm a student game dev and i know alot about him and his methods and i tell you epic would not be "EPIC" without him not just with gears of war but the influence he had on the other epic games. If a fellow student said that to me in college and was serious then i'd say to them they know very little about how the industry works and.

and for some reason the rest got cut off. but i was going to tell you why he was so important but i don't care now.
Written by Wil on 2007/07/17

A "student game dev"? I hope to hell you mean "a student going for his computer science, programming degree". The former is just a joke for a degree, and you should NEVER call it that, or even get anything labeled "game degree", because once you realize it's pretty hard to break into the game development ring you'll have a crap degree to fall back on.
Written by Nemesis IX on 2007/07/17

computer science degree sucks balls, i'm currently in a a course actually called computer games design mainly about designing a game an the graphics but when thats finished i'm doing a masters in trinity college called Interactive Entertainment Technology which is on everyside of developing a game not just graphics or programming. The course is funded by microsoft and they hire at least 50% or more depending on how good they class is.
Written by Unbiased Technology Professor on 2007/07/17

Response to Nemesis IX:

I'm sorry if I offended you in any way. I'm also sorry if I said anything you didn't like about someone who appears to be an idol of yours--Cliffy B.

If the education program you are referring to is the one I have read about, you are stating facts about how Microsoft is very quick to hire talented developers. If you wanted to, you could spend less than $5,000 right now to get a development kit to make Xbox Live Arcade games. With a level of devotion like you clearly have, I'm sure you will be a great job of programming and developing software.

The fact of the matter is, I do have a great deal of respect for Cliffy B. I also like the way that Cliffy B is a HUGE fan of The 1984 version of The Transformers.

I know it wasn't Cliffy B's fault that Gears of War will end up on the PC; that isn't his main responsibility. But, I really did think of Cliffy B as someone who was devoted ENTIRELY to Gears of War on the Xbox 360. That bonus disc in the Gears of War Collectors Edition was quite cool.

I was actually hoping Cliffy B would respond to what I wrote. I wrote things in that Post of mine that only a true fan of The Transformers would understand. I thought that the Transformers stuff might stand out and get his attention, and motivate him to respond.
Written by Wil on 2007/07/17

Good luck with that. If they hired 50% of the students every time, they'd have more unexperienced game developers than they would know what to do with.

And a "Computer Science Degree" doesn't "suck balls", because at least with that if you aren't able to get into the game development industry you have something which can actually be useful in getting yourself a job that doesn't involve cleaning toilets.
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