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2007/08/01 11:15:13: Posted by DM
According to CVG, one African Women's blog has accused Resident Evil 5 of being racist. The blog claims that the game depicts black people as "inhuman savages" and zombies. "The Black people are supposed to be zombies and the white man's job is to destroy them and save humanity," the post continues. I mean come on now folks, how many differetn settings are there to put the 5th sequel of a game in? Let's all take a step back huh?

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Resident Evil 5

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Written by captkey3s on 2007/08/01

I'm gonna have to agree with that blogger. I felt that way the first time i saw the new trailer. I mean come on their not even zombies, the story better have one hell of an explanation to justify its setting.......and ethnic cleansing is not what i'm looking for. Shame on you Capcom.
Written by steve_o_3000 on 2007/08/01

oh shit. sharpton will be all over this one. maybe spike lee will make a movie about how racist games are and BET will air a special about it while Ebony, Jet, and Black Men magazine all have a 10 page article about it. some people need to stop reading so much into stuff. it's like they have nothing better to do with their lives than to look for something to complain about.
Written by grindking on 2007/08/01

I'm sick and tired of hearing about racism in every part of the world. There is nothing racist about this game whatsoever. Games have been released for YEARS where you may slaughter entire lines of enemies of ANY color. Usually the enemies are white to begin with and does that mean that in all these years of games having the majority of one race as the enemy that it's not racist? Going by that stupid woman's blog and her thoughts, I would have to say yes it is.

What does the future hold looking at games in this perspective? Bright pink and purple enemies so we can distinguish that they are not part of any race? These people are the ones in fact racist by always coming up with the most nonsense possible on the related subject at hand.

Get a life, and get a job. Find something better to do with your lives than whine about racism.
Written by silverwolf on 2007/08/01

Racist my a$$! You didn't hear any Spanish complaining about RE4. You want something to worry about worry about the self inflicting damage done by rap music and rap videos. This is was corrupting the young (mostly there own) and yet it's ok as long as it's not being done by anyone other than themselves.


I can guarantee that if games start using other colors besides black, white, brown or yellow. People will start focusing not on color but on physical similarities to races just so they can have something to b!tch about. "Oh look at that purple dude his lips look like a black guy and yet that red on that looks like a Caucasian is mowing all those purple looking black guys down. This game is RACIST!!"

Written by Nemesis IX on 2007/08/01

So its racist in resi 5 that you kill crazy black people but in resi 4 you kill crazy white people, but thats just normal i guess. This is just bull shit, why do soe people get offended so easily. Anyway its set in africa where 99% of people are black so people would be saying its strange if there where white people getting killed all over the place. keep it up Capcom.
Written by MiiWiiWiiControl on 2007/08/01

I bet none of the above posters are black.. Its the whole white man beaten/killing po black folks thats what the game is based on judging by the trailer. Even though its in Africa, there is a fair amouth of white folks out there. They mostly live in the subs. it wouldn't be a problem if they mixed it up. but thats not what you see in the trailer is it.?
Written by silverwolf on 2007/08/01

You're correct! So why not wait till the game is released instead of making a whole lot of nothing over a "trailer".
Written by incoming00 on 2007/08/01

if RE5 was more race specific, like having Mexican zombies trying to jump a border, then ya, i'd see how its being a bit racist. but the way i see RE5 is a cop somewhere in Africa seeing something terribly wrong with the people there and he's trying to save them and himself at the same time... is it racist when a white guy defends himself from a mob of black people when he's just trying to figure out why blood is coming out of their eyes?
Written by droopyskingdom on 2007/08/01

Look I'm black and I see no problem with the game I mean thats all it is... a game. we've been killin white people in games since the dawn of videogames, I'm the first to say racism isn't near obsolete but this is jus ridiculous, if it was the other way around nobody would have a problem wit it,we as a people (Americans) need to stop falsely accusin people for doin things they have no intentions of doin. I'm buyin the game and I don't care what color they are if they get in my way I'm blowin they're heads off point blank.
Written by silverwolf on 2007/08/01

Hell I'm Puertorican (which is a mix; Spaniard, African, Taino Indian)why you think Jennifer Lopez has should a nice ass. I have family members that look completely African and others who look completely White. Hell the language itself is a mix where we have native African words and Taino indian words. Yet a game is a game. I don't see CAPCOM making this game just to make a racist statement. Hell I wished they'd based it off of Puerto Rico we have voodoo there too (got it all from our African ancestors). I'll be more than happy to asist capcom too ;)
Written by captkey3s on 2007/08/01

Some you guys need to get of your high horse, anyone with eyes can't see how this could be seen as racist in an industry that not as diverse as it should be. I'm black and i don't consider RE5 racist but i can see how some would thinks. Look back thru the years in the gaming industry and you would see the way african american characters misrepresented. 25 to life anyone.........anyone........

Also why can't the gaming industry be more diverse, they're almost as bad as the movie industry........i'm probably wasting my time writing this because most of you never noticed..........*sorry for my errors...writing at work(and i should be working)*

Written by silverwolf on 2007/08/01


"Look back thru the years in the gaming industry and you would see the way African American characters misrepresented. 25 to life anyone.........anyone........"

I understand what you’re saying but has this been something the gaming industry has done? Or is this actually the way black people have presented themselves? Let's start with all the available media we have now. Hell let's all flip thru MTV, BET and other films and reality shows where African Americans have participated and see if games aren't actually imitating what seems to be out in the media.

I see your point but I hope you see mine. But I do agree we need more diverse characters. Not just blacks but of all other nationalities. It's a big world after all.

Written by madgunde on 2007/08/01

I didn't think it was racist either, but I did think that some knee-jerkers would think it was racist. So what, a game or movie can't take place in Africa for chrissake? My guess is the whole game will not take place in an African shanty town, and we'll get a chance to kill some white zombies too, so chill the fsck out people.

Next they're gonna call Rainbow Six Vegas racist because you shoot Mexicans in the first campaign.
Written by MAKAVELI_ on 2007/08/01

I Guess capcom will include some white zombies just to shut up that woman's blog rants.
Written by blacktiger on 2007/08/01

you know what guys ! thats fuckin stupid !!!

first i did admit it, it was racist but then i thought about it !

first of all how many times we saw zombies with all kinds of ppl huh ? second we all know it has nothing to do with black it has to do with the country which is more fun cause its a new setting and more of a desert, and not only willthey choose africa, but they probably choose middle east in another sequel too.

I dont know but i think i can agree with blogger, but does that mean video games and movies shall never pick on black country from now on, and if they do it better be good ????

and silverwolf !!!


"You want something to worry about worry about the self inflicting damage done by rap music and rap videos"
Written by blacktiger on 2007/08/01

oh and guess what

go their official site, most of them disagree, actually all the ones i read, since its too many, i read enough and not even one agree !!!


Written by captkey3s on 2007/08/01

silverwolf the "imus" excuse is a no-no(this has nothing to do with rap music thats a whole other issues). i understand how you can say that, it may sound messed up but i can only guess your not black by your answer.....i agree that yes MTV & BET....shit mostly BET depict african-americans horribly, but come on dude! when i saw that trailer i was excited and put off by it.....the enemies in the game did not look like zombies to someone who has never played a RE game(you gotta admit that). You have to understand how some can come to the silly idea that the game is racist(besides there's racist in other part of the industry to think about....im looking at you Loco Roco)

I personally don't believe the game is racist(its a dumb idea) but i must admit i felt weird the first time i saw the trailer. For me its like watching a trailer for a game where you smash newborns head in....might be cool for some not for me. I'm waiting for more info before i decide to buy a game.

"how come their aren't no different nationalities in Lord of the Rings(film)?"

Written by Walkin on 2007/08/01

So why does some nobody who has blog matter?
Written by silverwolf on 2007/08/01


I admit it thought, to someone who HASN'T played the RE series especially RE4 (which didn't look like zoombies either) this might be a little confusing. But if you're going to post on a public blog you might want to do some research before you scream racist without actually knowing what you're talking about. All in all the only black people who haven't had a problem with that trailer are those who actually know what RE is all about. Which proves my point of " if you're going to post on a public blog you might want to do some research before you scream racist without actually knowing what you're talking about". But over all I do understand where you're coming from.
Written by zwandaba on 2007/08/01

I come from Africa, believe me some people are that CRAZY!!!

I will only judge the game when I have the full story of whats going on. Maybe Umbrella tried some illegal testing or some other power is controlling the people.

If its so racist, then why isn't the protagonist shooting the guy who walks by him at the beginning of the trailer???
Written by QuestimElite on 2007/08/01

But RE4 characters were Latinos
Written by neoimpulse on 2007/08/01

RE4 zombies were from Spain. Latinos originate from Latin America, The Caribbean and South America.

I don't think this is such a big deal. There are plenty of other games with Black npc's that you are able to kill. Also, please god don't let Al Sharpton get wind of this!
Written by blacktiger on 2007/08/01

i think u guys should shut up so she cant make money and get the attention !!!

i mean get no attention !
Written by arthur56k on 2007/08/02

nothing there black cat
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