Arc Announces Guilty Gear 2 Overture 3D RTS For Xbox360 >
2007/08/10 10:57:20: Posted by DM
Arc System Works has revealed that Guilty Gear 2 Overture will be heading to the Xbox360. The game will be a mix of real time strategy and 3D fighting. No idea what the heck this may mean, but according to Famitsu it goes like this:

Players will select characters, such as Sol and Milla, and these are the game "masters." You then move the chosen avatars around and give commands on a map in RTS fashion. Sounds like one crossover we will check out for sure. Then again, oh boy.

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Written by kungfurabbit on 2007/08/10

sweet i can't wait. i have been a fan of guilty gear for years.

oh wait, guess i should of read the article before getting excited. a 3d rts of guilty gear i'm not so sure about this.
Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2007/08/11

I agree with you kungfurabbit.

This will be the SIXTH Xbox 360 game with Real-Time Strategy, and I am a very BIG fan of the RTS Genre of videogames.

I am not not trying to sound like a "viral marketer who works for Microsoft," as 1UP Editor-In-Chief, Sam Kennedy, has accused me, Michael Zoran (i.e. Thomas Brooks) of being while using the screen-name of Solarian_Scientist, but the FACT of the matter is, the Xbox 360 has SIX Real-Time Strategy games on its list, while the Playstation 3 has NONE!

Now, consider that I have always been a fan of the RTS Genre of games. It is EASY to see why I am such a BIG fan of the Xbox 360 and usually have great things to say about the impressive library of Xbox 360 games.
Written by Game_Demon on 2007/08/12

If you see the screenshots then you'll realize that it is more like the Dynasty Warriors series. And the only RTS worth mentioning are on PC. Playing an RTS with joypad is like eating soup with chopsticks.
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