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Sony Offering Free PS3 Or PSP With HDTV Purchase In EU >
2007/09/14 10:27:08: Posted by DM
Apparently, Sony is offering a pretty sweet deal overseas, in Sweden at the very least. Anyone who purchases a full-HD TV from Sony, will get either a free Playstation 3 unit or a 200EU rebate on the TV. On top of that, with every HD Ready TV purchased, buyers will receive a free Sony PSP. NO word on if this deal is coming to the US, or what model PS3 or PSP is being given away. This should boost the PS3 numbers a ton, though. Click the link for the original advertisment image. Comment and let us know if there is more to translate!

Update: The ad says the deal runs from October 1 to November 31, 2007, so start saving up!

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Sony Playstation 3

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Written by maddcoder on 2007/09/14

Written by Smarty Pantz on 2007/09/14

The margins on Sony tvs are pretty high; esp. their xbr line.. i negotiated $400 off my xbr2 lcd last year. So, there is a lot of room for these types of promotions.
Written by Nemesis IX on 2007/09/14

this would change my mind to a sony brand tv if i was to buy a new HDTV, a free blu-ray player sorry ps3 would certanily convince me.
Written by PimpDaddy on 2007/09/14

Ya margins on top model HDTV's are big. Even if they include A PS3 and PSP they would still profit. This is a sign that Sony is feeling pressure to increase sales of the all of thier hardware. They have alot riding on the success of Blu-Ray and thier gaming division. Not to mention they are facing stiff competition in other consumer electronics sales too.
Written by MAKAVELI_ on 2007/09/14

This is officialy the plan b of the "trojan horse" Plan!!!
Written by arthur56k on 2007/09/15

good one maka, i wonder how this will play out, but its a good incentive to a gamer who happens to be looking for a HDTV
Written by daveydz3 on 2007/09/15

let me just get my 3000 from out my money tree...
Written by zerd on 2007/09/15

That article is not in swedish, its dutch i belive=) Would be nice if the we got that deal in sweden thou^^
Written by MAKAVELI_ on 2007/09/15

Honestly , Im quite interested in a getting a Bravia Model , the PS3 may come in handy for MGS4 and FFXIII.

I wonder what will be the part C of the "Trojan Horse" Plan? Sony is Running out of Options...
Written by PimpDaddy on 2007/09/15

MAKAVELI_: I was going to get a Bravia also till I saw the Samsung next to it. The equivalent Samsung LCD had a better picture and was cheaper.
Written by MAKAVELI_ on 2007/09/16

Thanks for advice budy , i will give it a try.
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