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World Exclusive!! GameCity To Show The Lightsaber In Action! >
2007/10/11 8:25:35: Posted by vividbreeze
Travellers Tales and LucasArts let the public play The Force! Wii lightsaber will be swung in public for the first time at Nottingham's GameCity event this month. Click read more for full details.


11th October 2007. Feel and Play The Force at GameCity (www.gamecity.org). Visitors to the world's most exciting game festival are to be the first in the world get their hands on the Wii® lightsaber, in LucasArts' Lego® Star Wars™: The Complete Saga re-mastered and shown in glorious HD.
Since the first film's debut 30 years ago, fans have longed for the day when they could fight their own lightsaber duels. Now, thanks to the Wii's motion-sensitive controller, The Complete Saga will finally make that fantasy a reality, allowing players to battle with thrusts and slices of the Remote. GameCity is thrilled to give gamers a chance to be the first in the world to see and try the lightsaber first-hand in a worldwide exclusive premier of Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga for Wii.

This global premier is part of GameCity's Play The Force – a celebration of the rich heritage that games share with the Star Wars phenomenon. That legacy - thirty years, six films, and billions of dollars - is enormous, and throughout those decades games have been an integral part of the Star Wars universe. More than 120 of them have tried – with varying degrees of success – to bring the different elements of Lucas's world to life.

And so, 26th October is Star Wars day at GameCity. The festival is thrilled to be able to welcome Jonathan Smith, of developer Travellers Tales and visionary behind the Lego Star Wars phenomenon, which has brought all six films to life with the tiny, clunky charisma only Lego can bring. Presenting the complete saga of the games' development, and explaining the secret behind their prodigious success, this session will be an exceptional opportunity to see behind the scenes of a game that delighted critics and consumers alike.

Please note: this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – limited tickets are available. Go online and buy your tickets NOW – once they're sold there won't be anymore! www.gamecity.org

Following on from Smith's symposium is a session that gets to the heart of the question that all those not-so-stellar Star Wars games raise: just why is it so hard to get it right? 'What Makes A Brilliant Star Wars Game' brings together gaming experts and Star Wars specialists to hammer out the formula for the perfect Star Wars game. Is it the lightsabers? Is it the music? Is it the X-wings? Join Wonderland's Alice Taylor, and sci-fi expert Jonathan Hamblin to find out.

30 years on from the release of the original film, science - the science behind games, at least - has caught up with science fiction. GameCity is proud to showcase 'Euphoria', Natural Motion's on-the-fly dynamic motion synthesis engine which dynamically generates the movements of your character in-game. Rather than being limited by animations prepared in advance by the game's designers, Euphoria means that no two jumps, no two punches, no two KOs need ever be the same again. Already showcased to great effect in the upcoming Indiana Jones game, Euphoria will also play a key part in the new Star Wars extravaganza. Come along and see how your actions will shape the games of the future.

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga – 12pm, 26th October. Broadway Cinema and Media Centre
What Makes A Brilliant Star Wars Game? – 1pm, 26th October, Broadway Cinema and Media Centre
Euphoria: Physics of the Force – 2pm, 26th October, Broadway Cinema and Media Centre

Note for Editors - GameCity 2007
Ground-breaking games, premiere screenings, exclusive appearances - GameCity brings you what other festivals can't. And a little of what they won't. Building on the success of last year's inaugural festival (4 days, 25 venues, 3000+ attendees), this year's GameCity promises to continue shattering expectations of what a videogame festival could be.

GameCity 2007 happens all across Nottingham from the 24th - 28th October, 2007. For further details, and updates, please see www.gamecity.org
GameCity is a festival celebrating the culture and potential of videogames, bringing the people who play them into contact with the people who make them - and who want to make them. Taking place across an entire city, GameCity brings gaming to huge variety of venues - from cinemas and market sqõares, to restaurants, cafes and schools. It remains the only event in the world to bring developers, students and lovers of interesting culture together in Indian restaurants.

Strongly supported by the games industry - already involved in this year's festival are Frontier, Travellers Tales, Free Radical Design, Rare, SCEE, Microsoft, Bizarre Creations, FreeStyleGames and more – GameCity is also unique in the way it bridges the divide between gaming and the wider world. The festival is perhaps the most visible example yet of the public sector stepping up and explicitly supporting the development of the games industry. Iain Simons, festival director commented, "We're delighted with the support that the festival has gained from the City of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University - its lead partner. It feels like a real milestone on the journey to mainstream culture for interactive entertainment that an event like this can happen at all - and then be embraced by the public sector."

"It looks like our industry might have found its first Sundance. GameCity is a unique approach to a videogame festival that seems long overdue," Lorne Lanning.

"GameCity shows us how a videogame shindig should be run" - Edge.

"..promises to be the most inventively programmed new arts festival of the year.." - The Times.

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Written by neoimpulse on 2007/10/11

I assumed a real lightsaber would be shown.
Written by Nemesis IX on 2007/10/11

so lightsaber wiimote or game or both?
Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2007/10/11

This is the sort of game that could easily be done on the other systems...assuming that they included a special controller that also contains the ability to sense motions.

If the Wii remains the only system that can do "motion-sensing" then it will continue to do well; it will never "die off" as the Sony people say...but, if the Xbox 360 and PS3 were to start using motion-sensing controls similar to the Wii, then it really would have the potential to hurt the Wii in the long-run, especially as the other consoles prices get lowered and come closer to the Wii over the course of time.
Written by cerabys on 2007/10/11

That could work but I would hope the big N will throw some money at them to keep it on their system, preserving the reason to own a Wii for the innovative motion sensing games.
Written by CianMCL on 2007/10/11

so krogan you were sayin back in your UTP days that sony are unoriginal for puttin motion sensing in the ps3 controller but if mmicrosoft do it its a great idea..
Written by Hedge_Iconic on 2007/10/11

Cian, God knows I hate to agree with krogan, but I think he means actual motion sensing, not tilt control.
Written by blacktiger on 2007/10/12

Hedge that was funny what u said about agreeing but u know what its not about motion sense guys,

its about no buttons and its a pick up and play !

even if 360 and ps3 comes with exactly like wiimote belive me it wont work out, becaues non games still look at 360 and ps3 as an too complicated and too much information like lets say s3 sku # and with 360 its more of a fps guys !!! and stuffs

non gamers like old ppl only sees as wii simple thing, not bunch of information and crap.

you will be surpise that motion is not the reason why wii sold a lot, its the fact they keep everythning low info, i mean when they explained 360 and ps3 its pure specs, did nintendo ever say anything about specs ? no just two times more powerful than gamecube

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