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360 Release Date Update - Far Cry 360? MLB2k6, OverG Dated >
2005/12/23 0:06:07: Posted by DM
We have a new release date list for you from GS tonight, and there are a bunch of changes as well as a few additions. First of all, Far Cry Instincts has appeared on the list. We have not previously heard of this for the next-gen console, but it is surely possible. Next, Topspin 2 has been pushed back to April yet again. Over G, the Ace Combat type game has a release date now, April 14, 2006. Major League Baseball also shares that release date now. A few other minor changes are on there as well, but Far Cry is the big news. Could it be real or a GS error? We will get more info as soon as possible.

*Update: One of our eagle-eyed readers mentioned that maybe this is why Far Cry Instincts is not backwards compatible on the Xbox360. Interesting point.

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Written by PJ (36) on 2005/12/23

According to this semi official website blogs.msdn.com/xbox the Update listed above is not accurate.


Q: Are you intentionally trying to keep a game off the list because you want us to buy the 360 version?

A: Not at all. Our goal remains to get every title to be backwards compatible. The only things influencing what titles we're working on are how popular the title is, and how easy it is to make backwards compatible. For example, both the Xbox 360 and original Xbox versions of Tony Hawk's American Wasteland work on Xbox 360. Other original Xbox games which also shipped Xbox 360 have been more challenging, but we continue to work on those and hope to get them working on Xbox 360 as well.
Written by DM on 2005/12/23

yeah and MS always tells the truth :)
Written by PJ (36) on 2005/12/23

I'm sure they like to color things their way, but I have no reason to doubt them on this. After all, they just released backward compatibility for Splinter Cell when the new one is soon to be released on the 360.
Written by DM on 2005/12/23

either way, the last time a game showd up on our lists and wasnt announed we had to remove it because they did not want it known yet so theres a good chance on this one as well
Written by PJ (36) on 2005/12/23

:) Interesting. I hope they do release a new Far Cry for the 360. The game I can't wait for is Battlefield 2.
Written by jn (1) on 2006/01/04

I think people should be more into the games that are out now because they are great and then worry about far cry later, come on people there is still Halo 3 rumors running around but i think far cry would kick butt on the xbox 360 and in march 21, 2006 oblivion is coming out. So my last thought, work with the games we have for the xbox 360
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