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2007/10/27 10:35:52: Posted by DM
As you can see from the Gamestop memo we obtained, Gamestop is no longer offering Xbox360 Product Replacement Plans on any new console. The plans currently out there will stay good until they expire. When we asked our source why this is happening, we were told it was because GS is losing too much money on the program! You can read this all for yourself, we included three different copies of the document, as it was taken with a cell phone and is a bit hard to read. You should be able to read one of the enhanced ones, though. Check for yourself at the link!

*Update: New higher-res memo image added.

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Gamestop No Longer Offering 360 PRP

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Written by poprocker on 2007/10/27

wtf are you kidding me? the 360 has awesome games, but has proven to be a hardware failure. I'm about to be on my 3rd one as my 2nd one is currently dying.

It never really bothered me though since i could walk into my local gamestop and pick up a new one for free on the same day.

However, now this really pisses me off. I'll be damned if i'm gonna be 3-5 weeks without a console. I can assure you i will be buying a ps3 for sure now since hardware wise the failure rate is no where NEAR the 360s.
Written by madgunde on 2007/10/27

Wow, guess they're still having hardware issues. I thought the RROD was supposed to be fixed? If it was, why would Gamestop still be losing money on NEW sales?

The sad thing is, in-store warranties are usually a HUGE profit maker. For them to be losing money, the failure rate has got to be absolutely horrible.
Written by corvax on 2007/10/27

"well lets see how much more money we can lose by making sure that absolutly NOONE will ever buy our 360's ever again."


ps.-just in time for Christmas


Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2007/10/27

Response to madgunde:

NEW Xbox 360 systems have an even lower defect ratio than the Playstation 3...those "NEW" .65nm systems have only been available for a few weeks, though...so there is absolutely no way to accurately measure their defect ratio.

I know I have never had a problem with my Xbox 360 or my Wii, but I have actually had TWO defective Playstation 3 systems.

Response to poprocker:

I agree with you that its nice to be able to go into a store and instantly trade a system. But, people have nothing to worry about in terms of Warranty Insurance, because even without purchasing any sort of program the Xbox 360 still has a 3-year warranty for any sort of RROD problem that could potentially occur. And 3 years is AMAZING!!!

Plus, even if you wanted to extend the standard warranty, you can do so with Microsoft with the Form included in the Xbox 360 box. And it no longer takes 3-5 weeks for the replacement of a system. I have a friend who sent his in two weeks ago and got it back in just 10 days. Obviously the reason for this is because Microsoft has increased their resources in this area, combined with the fact that there is no longer a backlog of systems.
Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2007/10/27

Response to madgunde:

I don't think you fully understand the statistics or the true problem with the Xbox 360 RROD problem. Let me explain.

Originally there were three factories that produced Xbox 360 systems. Of the three factories, ONE of them produced a lot of defective systems. In fact, virtually every system produced from that factory will inevitably become defective at some eventual point in time, because the problem had to do with the production process at that particular factory, not individual Xbox 360 systems. That is the reason why stupid people often say "The Xbox 360 has a 33% defect ratio." Thankfully, that is NOT true.

The factory that had a major problem in the production process did not produce an "equal" number of systems as the other two factories. In fact, the factory that had the problems with their production process produced the smallest number of systems. So, obviously the defect ratio is a LOT lower than 33%...although, it is higher than the 3-5% that is average for the videogame industry; that is why Microsoft extended the Warranty from one year to THREE years!

At that particular factory with the production process, the semiconductor chip was soldered onto the circuit board in a way that will eventually become defective on every Xbox 360 built at that factory. It is just a matter of time until the heat generated from the .90nm chips causes the soldering material to wear away over enough that it prevents the electrical current from working properly, which will make communication impossible on the circuit board; thus, causing games to freeze, and eventually leading to the RROD problem.

Thankfully, Microsoft identified this problem, and completely shut down that factory! The factory that produced those defective systems NO LONGER EXISTS!

Instead, Microsoft increased the production capacity at the other two factories that were always much bigger. And those two factories are currently creating .65 engineering designes that generate only 2/3 as much heat. Plus, those .65nm chips take up only 2/3 as much space, which also reduces the heat in the system, because air-flow is improved due to the addition of an additional fan placed in the system thanks to the extra space.

Xbox 360 is BY FAR the BEST system to buy this Christmas...because it has BY FAR the BEST lineup of games in the history of gaming.

The records of the 2004 Holiday Season will be broken this year thanks to the Xbox 360's amazing lineup of games that will be purchased this Holiday Season, including: Halo 3, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Madden NFL Football (at 60 frames per second), Forza Motorsport 2, Project Gotham Racing 3, Orange Box (with Rumble and 1080p), Call of Duty 4 (with Rumble and 1080p), Virtua Fighter 5 (Online), Naruto, Scene-It Trivia, and many others...

And yes, games like Scene-It will be VERY POPULAR...that is the whole reason why the Xbox 360 has the Playstation 3 beaten--because Xbox 360 has games in EVERY Genre: Puzzle, Party, Trivia, Fighting, Real-Time Strategy, RPG, Dancing, Shooters, Racing...everything!

Playstation 3 is completely missing games in certain Genres:

For example, Xbox 360 and PC get great Real-Time Strategy games like Command & Conquer 3, and Battle for Midearth 2...but the Playstation 3 does not have any Real-Time Strategy games.

Lack of games is why Playstation 3 is NOT a good choice this Christmas.

HUGE selection of games in every genre is why Xbox 360 is the BEST choice this Christmas.

This truly is the generation of the Xbox Wii60
Written by whYte420 on 2007/10/27

I only want a PS3 for Gran Turismo, other than that Sony can lick my balls.
Written by DarkRedMonster on 2007/10/28

I wonder why the memo only claims that anyone who buys the 360 still gets a 1 year warranty, I thought they all got a 3 year??
Written by SupremeChaotic on 2007/10/28

They get a 3 year only for the hardware failure (RRoD). Everything else is just a 1 year.

I asked some of the higher-ups I still know in the company what's going on. Because they do a lot of things by bulk, it was a great way to make a profit on them. However, since MS bumped up their warranty, a lot of people were skipping over the company's PRP plan. As a result, they couldn't refurbish a majority of the systems in bulk anymore, which increased costs significantly.

As far as it taking 2 to 3 weeks for MS to repair, I have no clue where you're getting that number from. When my 360 went out last month, I had it fixed and back in 8 days. I sent it in on a Tuesday, got it back on Wednesday of the following week.
Written by poprocker on 2007/10/28

I have a friend who got the RRoD for the 2nd time. So far he's been without his console for 3 weeks and counting. He expects it to be out atleast another week or 2. BTW..i'm still pissed at this news.
Written by Overseer76 on 2007/11/29

The one year warranty is a mistake. 360 owners get 3 years now. And for the record, Gamestop no longer offers PRP on XBOX 360 because Microsoft made this extension. I also understand that Gamestop was asked to cease PRPs on the console by Microsoft, but that may just be a rumor.
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