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Rumormill: New Sonic, Bioshock PS3, New PSP Metal Gear More >
2007/11/09 15:53:47: Posted by DM
The EGM/1up Quarterman rumor monger is at it again, and he is usually on point. It seems that a new MGS adventure, that's as in "not a spin-off," is heading to the PSP. Bioshock also may be back on for the PS3 as well, which is good news for Sony. There's more, check the link.

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Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2007/11/10

Bioshock is on the Xbox 360 right NOW...and it is AWESOME!!!

By the time Bioshock is released for any other system, it will end up being in the "Best-Seller" Collection of the Xbox 360, and it will cost $20 less on the Xbox 360, yet it will be BETTER on the Xbox 360.

How do I know this???

HISTORY...look at games such as Rainbow Six: Vegas, for example. It was released seven months later on the PS3. The PS3 version was $59 when it was released, and by that time the Xbox 360 version was $39...and yet, the Xbox 360 version has better graphics and better online play. And all the extra Downloadable Content is now FREE on the Xbox 360.

Same thing with Lost Planet. Lost Planet was released in January of 2007 for the Xbox 360. The PS3 version will not be released until sometime in 2008. The Xbox 360 version now sells for only $29.99 because it is a Best-Seller. And all the extra Downloadable Features are now FREE on Xbox Live. When you look at the screenshots of the two games side-by-side, it is easy to see that the Xbox 360 version has significantly better graphics.

Bioshock is an AWESOME game...there is NO DOUBT about that. That's why it is nominated for Game of the Year in so many places...but if you have an Xbox 360 or PC, then why bother waiting for the game to be released on the PS3, especially when you consider that the PS3 version will be the most expensive when it is released, and it will offer the lowest level of performance.


And if Quartermann is considered accurate, then let's not forget that he felt confident enough to use the cover of the magazine to point out that Metal Gear Solid 4 is being released for Xbox 360.
Written by arthur56k on 2007/11/10

really wouldnt matter to me, anyway, as i always say, ill wait for the confirmation
Written by kungfurabbit on 2007/11/10

Krogan i really feel sorry for you. your a sad little thing with no friends and no life.
Written by incoming00 on 2007/11/10

bioshock will never be less then $60 within less then a year. just look at gears of war. bestseller over millions sold but still $59.99. even Halo 3, which completely went beyond the bestseller quota and still $59.99. as long as it sells, it'll stay there until they start to slow down. then its branded the "bestseller" label...
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