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2007/11/21 16:20:40: Posted by DM
Well, there we have it, direct from the horse's mouth. Mark Rein, Epic VP, has posted word on the official Epic forums that Unreal Tournament 3 for the Playstation 3 has gone gold. SCEA gave the word today that the game was approved, and there should be an announcement coming next week with an official retail date. Fantastic!

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Unreal Tournament 3

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Written by CianMCL on 2007/11/21

least there will be one"exclusive" fps this year
Written by incoming00 on 2007/11/21

i wonder what urdnot is going to say now, especially since he kept insisting that both the PS3 and 360 versions were coming out at the same time around march 08. i read an interview on Kotaku.com that Epic and Mark Rein still need to sit down and talk to MS about how they want to handle the custom mods in the game. whats the political translation for that, huh urdnot? i dont know how long it takes to produce all the games needed for stores, so i wouldnt doubt it if it comes out in Jan, cuz Dec is kinda pushing it now... but like i said, i dont know how long it takes :P
Written by CianMCL on 2007/11/21

if its done now it will be out by the end of the month /early december
Written by jb33 on 2007/11/21

I don't know why so many people are pumped for this game because i always thought it sucked but, thats just my opinion. Obviously the graphics will be top notch but, in the past games i thought the gameplay was horrible. Hopefully i'm wrong and the gameplay will be good so i have another multiplayer game to play online.
Written by daveydz3 on 2007/11/21

i agree with incoming00... probably jan or late dec. especially with blu-ray not sure on how it is for production times on those. but you never know

i forgot to mention that they say its gone gold but usually they already have a date in place by the time they're ready to go gold....
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