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2005/12/25 10:34:41: Posted by DM
Here is some Christmas Day good news for you! IT Media has announced some details on the Blu-Ray region coding and it holds a nice surprise. Japan, North America, and East Asia will all be sharing one region code. This potentially means that American gamers will be able to import Japanese PS3 Blu-Ray games, and will definately be able to import Japanese Blu-Ray Anime/Movie titles without any hassle. Europe unfortunately will be sharing a region code with Africa so likely not much cross-gaming there. Sorry Europe, looks like you will be getting the gaming bone again. Oh and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all from all of us here at GR!

Masakazu Honda @ ITMedia reports about the final review version of the AACS contents management system for HD formats such as Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD. AACS LA consists of IBM, Sony, Toshiba, Warner, Intel, Microsoft, Matsushita, and Disney.

+ ICT (Image Constrain Token) must be supported by AACS software and hardware as Warner wanted. ICT is utilized to limit hi-res analog output. But in countries such as Japan in which the laws prohibit ICT, it's not required until 2011. Contents providers except for Warner say they don't use ICT, but according to Honda even Warner won't use it because of commercial reasons.

+ Though Warner was eager to abolish region code and there were no objection until the final decision, film companies not in AACS LA opposed it and it was decided that region code stays in BD-ROM. But it undergoes reorganization. Basically, Japan and other East Asian countries except for China are moved to Region 1. The new region codes are

Region 1: North America, South America, East Asia except for China (India, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia etc.)
Region 2: Europe and Africa
Region 3: China, Russia and other countries

IMHO, most likely, the handling of region codes in the PS3 BD will be the same as PSP (no regions in games).

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Written by kray4737 on 2005/12/25

that really does suck for EU but im not into anime that much so it really doesnt matter to me
Written by gooseboy (82) on 2005/12/26

So where does Australia fit into that?

East Asia perhaps?


Or 'Other Countries?'
Written by kray3727 (1) on 2005/12/26

i am proper angry, i started crying
Written by Anonymous (6) on 2005/12/27

/b/ is so emo..
Written by TSHBO (1) on 2005/12/27

i will give my money out to hackers & modchip makers who will remove the regional locks on my european unit
Written by xanadu (1) on 2005/12/27

australia is considered an "other countries". even though its a continent...
Written by bmson (1) on 2005/12/28

This is so freaking typical. dame that.

why keep this region code if east asia and us are in the same region code?

Is europe and australia to important markets?

Written by Super Australian (1) on 2005/12/28

Mod that bitchy PS3 console and run all region games.

Maybe works with some backups too.

If you ignore australia, we will just mod your a-hole.
Written by heh (1) on 2005/12/28

looks like Sony wants to keep modchip makers ain business by putting regional locks on PS3 - i wouldn't care about modchips if it were multiregional.

both PS1 & PS2 had region locks and both my systems were modded, sure you have to spend some money on modchips but you'll also get the bonus effect of playing backups :D
Written by terminator (1) on 2005/12/29

where is europe border?
Written by accRei (1) on 2005/12/31

That is just Stupid!!! :'(

... *accRei Cries*
Written by gotterdamerung (1) on 2006/03/21

so that means that if i buy an xbox 360 from singapore and the games from india those games won't work??
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