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Sony Online Entertainment To Be Bought Out? >
2007/12/22 23:23:18: Posted by DM
This does sound a bit hard to believe as Sony Online Entertainment is a big part of Sony's video game plans, but according to the India Times, Zapak Digital Entertainment is set to buy out SOE for $300 million. Even the price seems a bit low to us. Stay tuned for more info when we have it.

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Written by zwandaba on 2007/12/23

looks like someone wants to get into the MMO business...
Written by Sky on 2007/12/23

Sony Made exclusive first party deals with MMO Creator NC Soft.. so this deal makes alot of sense... every one will be happy in the end... including consumers
Written by Jagosix on 2007/12/23

Hello Fellow Gamers. HHHmmmmm....sounds like the free PSN service won't be free for long. They have to recoup that money back someway & having a free service isn't going to pay the bills.
Written by poprocker on 2007/12/23

According to the latest update from joystiq...."SOE CEO John Smedley said the rumours are completely false"
Written by WithoutPrejudiceGamer on 2007/12/23

red herring?
Written by MAKAVELI_ on 2007/12/25

huummm....smels like paying anual subcription...lol
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