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SOE Not Being Bought Out After All >
2007/12/24 12:31:21: Posted by DM
A day or two ago we told you that a company called Zapak was reportedly going ot buy out Sony Online Entertainment for 300 million. We also told you it sounded pretty fishy. Well it turns out we were right. The rumors are false, as confirmed by SCEA Executive John Smedley himself.(Thanks, soe)

It's got a bunch of people inside SOE emailing me asking me what's going on. This story is 100% false. We aren't for sale and never have been. Nothing like this has ever been discussed with the Zapak guys. The truth is we were talking to them about distribution rights to one of our games. And we have no idea how this story got started.

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Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2007/12/24

Actually, I did try to buy them...but the check bounced. ;)

Just kidding.

Happy Holidays, everyone!!!
Written by zwandaba on 2007/12/24

Written by blacktiger on 2007/12/24

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