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Uncharted 2 Confirmed >
2008/01/02 14:45:32: Posted by DM
According to JeuxFrance, the VP of Naughty Dog has confirmed that the continuation of Drake's story is indeed in the works. Not really a surprise to anyone who has finished the game, but good news nonetheless.

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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

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Written by neoimpulse on 2008/01/02

Excellent game and I look forward to the sequel.
Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2008/01/02

Sony NEEDS to concentrate on NEW games...not sequels to games that received "Mixed Reviews."

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune is a game that didn't even sell well! Only desperate PS3 owners bought this game, because it could be beaten in less than 6 hours. Unchartedd has virtually no replay value, which is why the game is only worth a "Rental," and should not be "Purchased."

So why in the world would Sony want to release a sequel so quickly???

ANSWER: Development problems.

Sony could have actually made sure that a "complete" version of the first two Uncharted games were released as one individual game--a game that actually used up a lot of the empty space on those Blu-ray discs. It would have been worth more than a rental in that situation.

Instead, Sony allows games like Uncharted and Uncharted 2 to be released in the form of two Blu-ray discs with lots of empty space on them...Short games that can be rented and beaten one year apart from each other, rather than having one quality game that is worth people's money.
Written by kungfurabbit on 2008/01/02

K rogan , uncharted is a really good game. If you really owned a ps3 and played the game you would see. I beat bioshock in about 7 hours i'm not complaining it was fun. I've gone through heavenly sword 4 times now cause it's fun. Uncharted is the same way short but sweet.
Written by poprocker on 2008/01/02

Krogan, according to metacritic this game averaged an 88/100. That's hardly mixed.
Written by CianMCL on 2008/01/02

thats what sony have been doing making new games sure they havnt done good in the critical sense and commercial but they have done what you said
Written by captkey3s on 2008/01/02

Krogass, do you play games or do get all your info from your imaginary friends. No matter how much you hate sony as a gamer(which i doubt you are) if you play Uncharted you'd have to admit it's a good game. Please for the new year find a social life or job.
Written by jb33 on 2008/01/02

I would hardly say Uncharted got mixed reviews UTP...LOL.

Eurogamer gave it 9/10

Ign gave it a 9.1/10

Gamespot gave it 8/10

Gamezone game it 9/10

Gamepro gave it 4.25/5

EGM gave it 8.5/10

NG4.com gave it 8.5/10

1up gave it 8.6/10

Seems like a pretty consistently great game to me...LMFAO.

Stop hating and please remember to take your lithium before you post your M$ nonsense UTP.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/01/03

ignore him ! again he's just dumb !

i love how the enviroment is in the game !

i wish i had ps3 !
Written by B1ueBurneR on 2008/01/03

@KungfuF*ggot, there is no way in hell you could beat Bioshock in 7hrs unless your exaggerating or have it on not even easy B*tch mode. Just walking around that place takes forever.

Its good to see Sony focusing on more games. To bad when it comes to the sales figures it doesn't show much.
Written by LordFlux on 2008/01/03

Uncharted is an awesome game. In my opinion, it wasn't short, it was just right. Same goes for BioShock. I just don't have time to put 20+ hours into a single game... one reason why Oblivion has been collecting dust.
Written by zwandaba on 2008/01/03

I wish i could play Uncharted but i only have a 360. Its one of the best games on the PS3 and i wouldn't mind playing it.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/01/03

it doesnt show much on sales, but not till when spring past, then xox has a real competitor and remember

kroganato as much u say ps3 was desperate with uncharted i can say the same thing for xbox360 for one year ahead, xbox were desperate to get any games infact, developers did a bad job for one year cause they knew they would be selling no matter what !!!

You got fooled my friend !

* xox sorry as in Xbox
Written by kungfurabbit on 2008/01/03

@ b1ue burner

Yes i was exaggerating, it was more like 10 hours to finish bioshock. It took me around the sametime for uncharted. The reason i exaggerated is cause krogan tried to say uncharted can be beat in less than 6 hours. Next time take your pills before posting.
Written by WithoutPrejudiceGamer on 2008/01/04

Uncharted is hands down the best game I've played in several years. Great gameplay, cleaver storytelling, stunning graphics and truly next-gen effects. This game is worth not only the $60 price tag, but the cost of getting a PS3 if you don't have one. Several levels of difficulty and hidden features.

Anyone that says that this game is short has NOT played the game... or must have played it on easy mode and didn't search for and collect the treasures.

Personally this is the 'Game of the Year' on any platform... PERIOD!
Written by B1ueBurneR on 2008/01/04


I don't even read Krogans post anymore its a new year. I ran out of pills again. Every one knows the only Ps3 Krogan plays is the display one in his local gamespot store.
Written by kungfurabbit on 2008/01/04

I hear ya all is forgiven.
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