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Ron Simpson (PlayNTrade) Honored In “Top 25 People of 2007' >
2008/01/03 14:45:37: Posted by vividbreeze


NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Jan. 3, 2008 – Play N Trade Franchise, Inc., one of the fastest-growing franchises worldwide, today announced that founder Ron Simpson has been recognized as one of the “Top 25 People of 2007” by Next Generation, an interactive entertainment industry newsletter. Simpson was ranked at number 16, and Play N Trade represents the only video game retail company on the list.

“The fact that this recognition was determined by the staff of Next Generation and awarded to those who they felt made the most significant contributions to the industry in 2007 is truly an honor,” Simpson said. “As the only video game store retailer on the list, this award is a tribute to the Play N Trade culture, which is all about delivering a customer experience, not a corporate experience, to our shoppers. Our unique combination of social networking and retail offers a compelling alternative to the traditional ‘cash-and-carry’ buying experience, and we are creating a buzz among gamers and setting a new trend for consumers.”

From the hip, tournament-ready store design to the extensive selection of new and used video games, consoles and accessories ranging from classic to most current, Play N Trade offers an atmosphere that is inviting to everyone from the casual gamer to the hardcore enthusiast. Customers can “try any game before they buy,” compete in local and national tournaments, have their discs and consoles repaired, and buy, sell, and trade-in new and used video games, consoles, accessories and cell phones for in-store credit toward the purchase of any product or service in the store.

“Our franchisees have embraced the Play N Trade culture and made their stores the number one destination of choice for consumers for all of their video game needs,” Simpson said. “We are making a difference in the marketplace and will continue to expand our footprint and extend our reach in 2008.”

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