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Resistance 2 PS3 Info Revealed, 8 Plyr Co-Op, 60 Plyr Multi >
2008/01/11 12:25:27: Posted by DM
The latest issue of GameInformer has the lowdown on Resistance 2, and boy, are some of the supposed features insane. Firstly, the game is going to support 8-man co-op campaign play. Wowsa. On top of that, the multiplayer game mode will feature full, 60 player matches. Matchmaking for online games will be skill-based. Yes, 60. The game will feature player classes, basic templates will be available (your standard heavy weapons, special ops, and medic classes, etc). The levels in the game are partially generated randomly so that they are different each playthough. The developers also listened to the player's complaints, and are working to lessen the length between checkpoints and revamp the health system. (Thanks, Face, Wollan)

The game is set to take full advantage of the supposed power of the PS3, with better lighting and shaders, better mapping, and great looking textures. Res2 may indeed by the first true next-gen game for the PS3. This game is shooting for the moon, and if they make it, it will be a real epic experience, so let's hope they come correct. Expect the game in Fall 2008.

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Written by neoimpulse on 2008/01/11

Insomniac really pushed the ps2 hardware to its limits with the ratchet and clank games, so I'm sure after 2 PS3 games I have no doubt this game will set the standard for PS3 graphic quality.

crappy english but you get the idea
Written by CianMCL on 2008/01/11

didnt the 1st one have 40 player online.

Written by CianMCL on 2008/01/11

if they did with 2 more years to work on the online id say they should have it
Written by poprocker on 2008/01/11

This is going to be huge! I can't wait to get by 40GB

Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2008/01/11

The problem is that you would have to wait FOREVER to get 60 players together on the Playstation 3...and it would only take one bad connection to goof it up for everyone who waited.

And having 8-players online simultaneously could be a bad thing...that would result in lots of overlap with the voices, ect...

This is a big gamble...if it works out it could be really nice...but, it has big risks.
Written by jb33 on 2008/01/11

WOW !!! I especially like this part... The levels in the game are partially generated randomly so that they are different each playthough.
Written by incoming00 on 2008/01/11

i actually agree with urdnot on this one. 8 player co-op would seem too crowed, but i am sure that the developers see that as a hurdle and may come up with a solution. one thing could be like the way Gears of War would sometimes split the 4-man team into 2 2-man teams. smaller teams of the total 8 players could be placed in different parts of the maps, whether ones on ground and others in buildings or even sewers and each being able to provide some sort of help to the others. if all 8 are on the same area then the map is gonna need to be very open, cuz i sure felt crowded in 4 player co-op in Halo 3, especially in the first level. i guess all we can do is wait and see when more details arrive.
Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2008/01/12

Response to incoming00:

You always professionally call me Urdnot, rather than calling me by the name of my race--Krogan. That is the sort of little stuff that saves lives in Mass Effect. ;)

I think you came up with some really good ideas. Using your ideas, I wouldn't mind seeing a potential 8-player mode in Gears of War 2.


Response to jb33:

I'm not sure to think about what randomly generated levels will mean...I guess it depends if all of the levels will be required to go through each time you play, or if their will be THOUSANDS of levels that are not required each time you play. Having tons of levels that aren't required to play through would increase the replay value BIGTIME, and that is the sort of thing that would allow the "space" of blu-ray to be taken advantage of. But, if you are required to do the same thing every time, just in a different order, then that isn't anything special.
Written by Nemesis IX on 2008/01/12

whats the point of making a sequal the first gme was crap. 60 people is a bas idea, anything that size would have really low polygonal objects with a low resolution, 8 player co-op could get boring, if there is not enough enemies the back few players will have nothing to do. With halo 3 the 4 player was enough in that the game was too easy and got boring with not enough bad guys to kill, posible the same could happen here.

But it is good to see ambitious designers instead of just repeating there game. I hope though the game is more acurate like what the hell is american GI's doing in Uk, where was the british army?
Written by CianMCL on 2008/01/12

europe was totally invaded in the first one so my guess is the us was the only army willing to do it
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