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World Of Warcraft Hits 10 Million Subscribers >
2008/01/22 13:51:06: Posted by DM
Well, it is official folks, World of Warcrack has surpassed 10 million subscribers. This is a truly awesome feat, as the WoW subscriber base now represents about .2% of the world's population. We call that impressive.

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World Of Warcraft

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Written by dudeman on 2008/01/22

that's a lot of people playing a cartoon mmo!
Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2008/01/22

That's very impressive.

I wonder how many that number would increase to if World of Warcraft were released on Xbox Live.

It would be cool to have that game available in a way where Xbox 360 owners could play against PC players.
Written by dudeman on 2008/01/22

xboxlive would crash due to the increase in traffic.
Written by Deihmos on 2008/01/22

WOW would not be played on Xbox Live servers dudeman.
Written by dudeman on 2008/01/22

You can't totally bypass xboxlive servers completely while connected with an xbox console.
Written by Deihmos on 2008/01/22

MMORPG can be played as silver members. I doubt you need to be connected to Xbox live to play them.
Written by Nemesis IX on 2008/01/22

i don't want it on the 360 through live it would add at least another 5 million more sad b*st*rds to the world.
Written by Ultrabiased Electronics Scholar on 2008/01/22

In a related story, divorce rates are up .2%. Frito Lay and Pepsico are also up .2%.
Written by CianMCL on 2008/01/22

Written by blacktiger on 2008/01/22

yea it would crash after the christmas holiday crap !

Written by poprocker on 2008/01/23

This is great news for blizzard. As far as it ever coming to console it will never ever in a million years happen.
Written by joffett on 2008/01/23

yeah, I bet it is great news for blizzard that means there making around $150 million dollars a month, and 1.7 billion dollars a year... damn I want some of there stock. I just recently stop playing the game, because it was basicly taking over my life...., so I've been sober from WoW for about 3 months now..
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