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NCSoft Exec Says MMO Shift To Consoles 'Inevitable' >
2008/02/05 15:23:29: Posted by DM
NCSoft's North American president, Chris Chung, has stated that the shift of MMO games to home consoles is inevitable. Speaking to Gamedaily regarding NCSoft's exclusive deal with Sony, he noted that PC MMOs have to be optimized for home console play.

"I think the shift is inevitable; real-time strategy is one of the last PC genres moving onto consoles, and I think we'll see a similar trend for online games as well."

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Written by dudeman on 2008/02/05

Would love to play guild wars on the ps3!
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/02/05

Ya I like Guild Wars. I am curious how it's going to work on the PS3 too. I hope Microsoft drops the 360 price soon, so Sony matches it, because then the PS3 will be $300.00 or less. I asked my oldest son if he wanted a Wii for his Bday, and he said no way daddy I want a PS3 for my birthday. Guess the Wii isnt for everyone...
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