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2008/02/19 17:35:07: Posted by vividbreeze


Shanghai, China - February 19, 2008 - The World Bunco Association, owners of the Bunco® trademark, announced today they have chosen Ultizen Games Ltd., a game development and outsourcing company, to create "World of Bunco", a social gaming network scheduled to debut this summer.

Bunco is a dice game played by an estimated 17 million people around the world who organize Bunco parties of typically 12 players in a social, friendly and fun atmosphere. Bunco Games can last for hours with prizes awarded throughout the game and screams of "BUNCO!" heard throughout neighborhoods when a player rolls three of the same dice matching a corresponding round number (216 to 1 odds).

"Bunco is a worldwide phenomenon and we are incredibly excited to be bringing an amazing new way to play this great game in a new online community," said Leslie Crouch, Founder and CEO of the World Bunco Association. "Our new online game will feature custom player characters, advanced chatting and email functioning, tournaments, and new and exciting ways for the player to customize the experience and play Bunco whenever they want."

"World of Bunco" is utilizing many of the new features in our U-Pal social gaming system," said Lan Haiwen, CEO of Ultimate Games, Ltd, "It allows a single dedicated site to enjoy many of the more advanced social gaming features like micro transactions, message retention and multi-layered private and public chat function usually found in multiple gaming portals."

The WBA also said the site would have a free play mode and as well as a full featured mode for a nominal monthly fee.

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