Eidos Announces Battlestations: Pacific For 360 & PC >
2008/02/28 15:56:09: Posted by DM
Apparently Battlestations: Midway was enough of a success to warrant a sequel. Eidos has officially announced Battlestations: Pacific for the Xbox360 and PC. The game is an action/strategy/RTS/shooter, for those who did not play it, and it apparently has caught on with a faction of gamers.

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Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2008/02/29

Command & Conquer 3 and Battlefield for Midearth 2 were the first two really awesome Real-Time Strategy games.

Universe at War is the one that is INCREDIBLE right now!

Halo Wars is going to be AMAZING!!!

This one called Battlestations: Pacific looks pretty goo, too!

The fact that the Xbox 360 has THAT MANY games in genres such as Real-Time Strategy, RPG, Puzzle, Party, and Music proves that ALL of the bases for genres are LOADED this generation!
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