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Bioshock 2 Staying MS Exclusive, Crysis PS3 & 360 Shown GDC? >
2008/03/04 13:41:15: Posted by DM
According to some rumors dug up by GameGuru, Bioshock is going to stay an Xbox360 exclusive when the sequel is released. Apparently MS paid much dinero for this privilege. On top of this, a Crysis game for both next-gen consoles was shown behind closed doors at GDC, as was Gears of War 2, real time. Rumor mill for now.

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Written by The Limey on 2008/03/04

Bioshock is a great IP and this would be a smart move from MS to secure it. MS is better to buy exclusive rights to a game than go out and buy more game studios.
Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2008/03/04

Response to The Limey:


The only time that it makes sense to go out and buy a game company is when they own a zillion franchises that are guaranteed hits. But even then, they might have smart-alec loser employees who decide, "Well, we earned a big profit here by selling, now we will leave and start a new company." That leaves the buyer of the company without the quality employees; although, they do still get to keep the franchises.

I think it is a lot better to pay for the exclusivity to games by giving excellent deals on Royalty/Licensing, and if need be, purchasing the entire IP.

That's the BIG difference between Microsoft and Sony. Sony claims that they don't "Buy Exclusives." And Sony is not willing to offer third-party companies any sort of discount in terms of licensing or royalty fees if they publish a game exclusively for the PS3.

Microsoft is willing to give huge discounts on licensing and royalty fees when a game is released exclusively for the Xbox 360, or exclusively for the Xbox 360 and PC but no other console.

Considering that the third-party companies know for a fact that the Xbox 360 will generate far more revenue for their product, it makes so much more sense to release the game as an Xbox 360 exclusive and earn even more profit.
Written by Game_Demon on 2008/03/04

So, now you are attacking people who are looking after their well being and leave your beloved M$, you fucking piece of shit. Go back to your cave you miserable, pathetic little man.
Written by The Ow In Wow8 on 2008/03/05

Wow...you need to calm the fuck down. Krogan is not attacking anyone so if you want to call anyone a 'fucking piece of shit' and a 'pathetic little man' you need to look in the mirror and look long and hard cause if anyone around here is any of that its you, you pathetic little man.
Written by thomas288 on 2008/08/16

So, Krogan, you're saying they would make the most money staying a 360 exclusive? Call me crazy, but I think they would make the most money offering the game to both 360 and PS3 users. Sure, Microsoft probably paid A LOT to keep it exclusive, but I'm sure the 15 million PS3 users out there (sure, a tiny number compared to 360 users, but still a lot) could come somewhere near what Microsoft offered.

Also, now that Bioshock is coming out for PS3, we'll see where the sequel goes. My guess is that they're doing this, even so late in the game, so that the sequel can come out for both and it will actually make sense. But only time will tell.
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