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House Of The Dead 2 To Premiere On Sci Fi Channel >
2005/12/31 13:02:49: Posted by DM
It looks like House of the Dead 2, the upcoming movie sequel to the horrendous Uwe Boll movie, will skip a theatrical run (thank god) and debut on the Sci Fi channel. A note on the Futon Critic web site reveals that the film will premiere on Saturday Feb. 11 as part of their bi-weekly Sci-Fi Pictures originals series. Now, who wants to bet me that this low budget cable-made movie is better than the big budget Uwe Boll theatrical release?

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Written by neoimpulse on 2006/01/01

The first movie has to be THE WORST film ever made, hands down. I couldn't believe how awful the acting was and the crappy camera angles and "action" sequences. Bloodrayne is gunning for its title though.
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