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Take Two Says Max Payne 3 Dev Is A Go >
2008/03/13 8:42:43: Posted by DM
Confirming what many of us had suspected anyway, Take Two has revealed that Max Payne 3 is on the development slate. Max Payne 2, in case you did not know (spoiler ahead), kind of put an end to the series, so we think 3 may be a prequel of sorts. Then again, stranger things have happened in gaming lore. Take Two, it seems, has been pulling out all the stops lately, and has been announcing sequel after sequel for all of their near-legendary franchises. This is certainly to help keep the company afloat, and may be even drive up the value for a buyout. Stay tuned, our gut here at GR says there is some big Take Two news on the way within the month. I digress though, do not expect the Payne man to be playable until at least mid-2009.

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Written by Nemesis IX on 2008/03/13

to launch with the film i guess.
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