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2008/03/15 20:52:35: Posted by DM
We here at GR always help out worthy causes whenever we can. Well today, we have a chance to help a friend who has helped many others in the past. Christina has a rare heart condition and needs donations to live. It's as simple as that. Click read more for the full info, and give what you can. Thanks from GR and Christina. Click the image to e-mail Christina and friends for donation inquiries.

*UPDATE: GR Readers, call it a miracle, call it providence, serendipity, destiny, karma, whatever you like, but not 20 minutes after we posted this, we got word that she has found a donor heart, and is undergoing the transplant procedure later tonight! We are speechless and send all of our hopes to Christina. If this is any indication though, she will pull through just fine! Way to go readers!

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Written by Gotti on 2008/03/15

We don't really ask you guys for much here, but if anyone is able to donate anything, it would be greatly appriciated.
Written by B1ueBurneR on 2008/03/16

now that she has a donor, do we still have to donate??
Written by Gotti on 2008/03/16

The majority of the medical expenses actually come after the donation, so if you could that would be great.
Written by B1ueBurneR on 2008/03/16

I'll donate, but afterwards Gotti, can you donate her # to me?
Written by Nemesis IX on 2008/03/16

swish B1ue!
Written by kungfurabbit on 2008/03/16

B1ue, what the hell dude?
Written by vmongru on 2008/03/16

good for her, i just had a friend who went through a liver transplant.
Written by arthur56k on 2008/03/17

hope she really does get well, and thats from the bottom of my heart
Written by ahmedss79 on 2008/03/17

well that,s great i hope it goes all well for her
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