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Shiny Name Officially Dead >
2008/03/27 19:31:43: Posted by DM
Foundation 9 has officially announced that Double Helix, a new dev house formed from a merged Shiny Entertainment and The Collective, is now on track to produce a new next-gen game. This also means that, sadly, the name which brought us games like MDK and EWJ is officially gone, Shiny, that is. RIP Shiny! By the way, The Collective is best known for Marc Ecko's Getting Up. Is that good or bad? You decide.

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Written by kidkit on 2008/03/27

that's a question? bad of course!
Written by Game_Demon on 2008/03/28

It's funny cause recently while playing Ratchet & Clank and specifically at the first freefall sequence I thought: "This is totally the same as MDK parachute drops, cool!". I mean, I wouldn't mind an MDK3 on PS3 doing parachuting with the sixaxis and all, or rather MAKE MDK3 ALREADY ITS ABOUT FUCKING TIME. MDK series have great artistic value (fun too) and a special place in my heart.
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