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Mr. Driller Online Coming To XBLA! >
2008/03/31 13:50:59: Posted by DM
According to the Japanese Xbox.com official website and this Euro PR, Mr. Driller, one of the more popular puzzle games, will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade soon. There will certianly be an online mode, and the game should hit the Japanese XBLA on April 2, 2008. Let's hope the US release is not far behind. Click read more for the official PR info.


LONDON - 31st March, 2008 - Joining the fabulous line-up of puzzle games available on Xbox 360™, “MR. DRILLER Online” comes to Xbox LIVE® Arcade this Wednesday 2nd April at 9.00. Players take on the role of a driller moving through levels of colourful blocks, avoiding the threat of being crushed by falling blocks, all while keeping their air supply from running out.

“MR. DRILLER Online” features single player modes including ‘Standard Driller’ and ‘Quest Driller’, as well as online multiplayer support for up to four players on Xbox LIVE. In online multiplayer mode, players can participate in a split screen Solo Battle, where the best score wins, or in Tag Battle, where friends team up in pairs to beat the game.

Where can I get this game from?
Created by NAMCO BANDAI Games, “MR. DRILLER Online” will be available for 800 Microsoft Points.

For more details on “MR. DRILLER Online” please visit:

Also, don’t miss out on new downloadable content for “Pinball FX.” For more details please visit:
• www.xbox.com/livearcade

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