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Eidos Quiet On Theif 4 Rumors >
2008/04/07 14:15:07: Posted by DM
Eido has decided not to comment on the rumors swirling the net that Theif 4 is in the works. The speculation stems from, what else, a job posting on the Eidos Montreal website. They are recruiting for a "2nd AAA project" that begins with the letter T. Then it seemed like the studio head used the letter T from the Theif Logo in his facebook profile before it was taken down shortly after. Either way, stat tuned, rumor mill for now.

Studio boss Stephane D'Astous then used the slashed T from the Thief logo as his Facebook profile picture, according to VG247, although that seems to have since been removed.

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Written by dudeman on 2008/04/07

Man i hope this rumor holds true. Some of the best games i've played have been from the Thief series!
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