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2008/05/05 10:46:54: Posted by DM
An article in Forbes entitled "How GTAIV Threatens The Wii," is now posted over at the Forbes website. According to the author, the Nintendo Wii has been reigning supreme, that is until the release of GTAIV. Take Two is expected to make $400 million USD alone in the first week of sales. And with the game being available on both PS3 and Xbox360, the Wii may suffer serious damage.

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Written by blacktiger on 2008/05/05

GTA IV can not threaten Wii , the fact that wii is not even for adult gamers ! if it was then yes it would be a threat, ppl who;s gonna buy Wii probably gonna buy wii fit which has no comparison to GTA IV,

Another word if GTA IV was for PS3 exclusive then that would be a threat to Xbox360, or other way around.... which ever...
Written by whYte420 on 2008/05/05

Why even consider Wii in the console war? It's between 360 and PS3.
Written by Jagosix on 2008/05/05

HFG. They're not boasting hardware sales. They're talking about software sales. Does Nintendo have a game that has made that type of money in the 1st week of release? Uuhhhmmnnnooooo...

Software sales & attachments is where the REAL money is at. Not console sales. I thought you all knew that by now.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/05/05

it doesnt matter, remember what ppl said about GTAIV will ruin Iron Man, umm it hink they made 100 million dollar,

look nothing wil ruin nothing it they are in competition,

Wii, can not compete with any console, so there for they can not be affected regardless wether its software or whatever....

Even if GTAIV was on Wii i think, it wouldn't matter beccause the graphic is not even comparable...

I betany money 90 percent of PS3 gamers and Xbox gamers bought it main thing cause of the technology !
Written by tr1p1ea on 2008/05/06

Once all of the impressionable 'i think im a hardcore gamer so i must get this game to be cool on the internet' nerds buy/pirate their copies ... then what?
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