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MS Says Sony Failed To Deliver On Promises & More >
2008/05/09 18:47:08: Posted by DM
Aaron Greenberg of Microsoft has said "the days of Sony snowing the consumers and the press are over," and that Sony has failed to deliver on many promises since the PS3's launch. He even challenges the latest European PS3 sales figures quoted by Sony. The diatribe continued, as you can see below. We cannot say that his claims are unfounded, but it is a bit harsh. Check the link for the full statement, it goes on a for a while.

"Three years ago at E3 they showed what PS3 games would supposedly look like with the Killzone 2 video, that we are now learning will ship four years later. That means that we will have shipped Gears of War and Gears of War 2 before they can even get Killzone out the door.

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Written by DM on 2008/05/09

IPB Image
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/05/10

Nice DM. Hey guys this article was great. This guy came out and said the same things I have been harping at the SDF about here on GamersReports. Go to FlamingWars and lets get this party started :p
Written by blacktiger on 2008/05/10

So wait another word, if a game has been more than 3 years development are bad, wow MS has no clue what they are talking about...

Almost big giants games are more than 3 years development...
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/05/10

I am going to buy you some hooked on Phonics SideBuster. There is no way you can have higher than a 6th grade education. Neanderthals had bigger brains than you. In other words fix your spelling, grammar, and learn how to form complete sentences that people can understand.

BTW way to attack Microsoft for saying that Killzone has been delayed several times. It's not thier fault. He was just saying that were still waiting for these 1080P games that are supposed to look like that CGI trailer from E3 2005.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/05/11

Well , thats not a problem, rememebr games like Spore has a high anticipated games and there is more games comming out, apparently MS can't do that because Xbox360 can't even handle that much so its pointless for them to explore,

While Sony is exploring for Killzone, i dont think gamers mind, since more games like Resistance is still releasing and little big planet and home and more ...

So this is a huge plus, if they were to only release killzone 2 and then they delayed it would be sucks but too many games are releasing so its a good news including Haze and MGS4 exclusive !

So delaying again is okay, because we want them to take their time since the graphic is getting better and better, My friend who's a PC gamer was shocked when i showed him two days ago, and he said it fantastic.

Now;s he's thinking of getting PS3 just for FPS exclusive shooting games !
Written by MAKAVELI_ on 2008/05/11


What exactly the xbox360 can't handle???? 1080p at 120fps trough dual HDMI ports????

It’s just a simple question, but, would you care to answer it???

Ignorance is bliss!!!!!

Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/05/12

MAKAVELI_: SideBuster aka the dude you were referring to is still drunk off that Sony coolaid. He still beleives the 360 is really the Xbox 1.5. He still believes the PS3 will cure Cancer, and that Blu-Ray was actually needed for better games.

He says he didn't own the PS2. And he was in here violently defending the PS3 when he didn't even own it. So his credibility is as crap.

According to his logic the 360 cant even handle PS3 games, yet the majority of multiplatform games look better on the 360. Dont you think if the PS3 was so much more powerful we would be able to tell by the games??? And I suppose any day now that the PS2 is going to give us those toy Sotry quality graphics they promised last generation right???

Edit: I meant Toy Story quality graphics.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/05/12

woah woah woah Xbox is 1.5 ??? what are you on crack this isn't wii we are talking about, and what Blue Ray can cure cancer, what the hell you loosers talking about,?

I was talking about video games and your talking about system???

and the only thing i said that Xbox there is nothing to be explored ...

weird fan boyism im talking too...

Anyways back to addiction of gears of war 2 video !!

And I didn't say it can't handle, i said there isn't much to explore because PC games are already looking great like Xbox 360, the only thing they dont have is Gears of War 2 and Halo 3 which will be released to PC, so what else ? Live ???

with PS3 there is too many you can't get, might as well get PS3 otherwise get both of if you got mula !!!

Pimpydimpy, one more thing, at this moment, X360 is way better than PS3 in terms of comparison because it was made for x360 first, cause its easier, but slowly games like Burnout and Mortal Kombat looks better on PS3 then X360 because it was designed on PS3 first and then port to X360,

So after development kit comming soon to fall 2008, all games gonna look much better and Sharp.

Sorry to burst your bubles, but If it does comes to PS3 first is easier to downgrade to X360 then other way around, but it just PS3 is hard to program games because its new, ( but remember what PS2 had and look how big it was )

Go look GTAIV, most reviews already said PS3 look smuch better, can you explain that, or is it cause Rockstar is dumb ?

Look just relax, MS rushed too fast its not their fault, i mean it did get what they want by rushin so fast to get their sales with out caring about RROD issue,

Remember 33 percent failure can teach them a lesson :)

Oh and when I said Mortal Kombat, mind me i dont know what game it is instead i said mortal kombat so you guys would know who the developer is , but feel to correct me what game was released...

Mackaveli said i dont have a PS3 kool, i guess everyone who defends it doesn't have PS3 except Xbox fan boyism has xbox360, god knows do they even have one, but instead let them have fun !

I really dont know if they have one, infact i can careless if they dont even have one !

At least their imagining.....

but anyways suckers, HAVE A NICE DAY,

back to GTAIV online !

Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/05/12

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