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How Rockstar May Have Affected GTA Reviews >
2008/05/28 15:30:38: Posted by DM
According to one of the Gamasutra writers, Rockstar knew exactly what they were doing by holding all reviewers to a one or two day pre-release review schedule. By doing so, most of us reviewers only had a day or two at most to get our reviews out, thus affecting the score positively. At least, that's the claim. Check it out.

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Written by The Limey on 2008/05/28

What a load of crap, there are very few games that deserve the scores that GTA 4 did, but in this case I truly believe this is one game that manages to exceed the hype and be a valid 10 score. I read a magazine called EDGE and they gave it a 10 which is the 9th in 13 yrs.

It joins the very best games -

* Super Mario 64, Nintendo 64

* Gran Turismo, Sony PlayStation

* The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Nintendo 64

* Halo: Combat Evolved, Microsoft Xbox (E105)

* Half-Life 2, Windows PC (E143)

* Halo 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, (E181)

* The Orange Box, Windows PC,

* Super Mario Galaxy, Wii (E183)

* Grand Theft Auto IV, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

I'm sure there needs to be a balance about what game publishers reveal to the press and the risk of spoilers appearing on the websites and magazines to try and lure readers.

Written by zwandaba on 2008/05/28

It could be true, if so Take-Two was very smart in doing so.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/05/28

I still dont see how GTA 4 get 10 !, its nothing but bigger !

The storyline is still not strong... but thats just imo !
Written by Nemesis IX on 2008/05/29

Halo 3 is not a 10 i read that MS payed Edge to give it a 10, they also did the same for Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball they gave thats a 10 cos of microsofts's bribery.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/05/29

Wait a minute Nemesis, if they did that, then dont you think the reviewers are fake ?

because they are not actually enjoying the game themself...
Written by The Limey on 2008/05/29

Nemesis, wtf are you talking about, the only games they gave a 10 to are above. Beach Volley Ball......Edge has been about the most consistent reviewer I have found, very few games even score a 9.
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