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Sony Silent On Heavenly Sword 2 Rumored Cancellation >
2008/06/17 14:34:41: Posted by DM
There is a rumor on the net today which stems from Kotaku that Heaven Sword 2 has been canceled by Sony. Not only that, but the team behind the game, Ninja Theory, decided to move and is more or less no more under Sony. CVG is reporting that Sony is mum on the issue, with the standard "no comment" response. The game is supposedly "not commercially viable" any longer.

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Written by incoming00 on 2008/06/17

lets hope Sony can fill in the hole it just made by cancelling The Getaway, 8 Days, and now Heavenly Sword 2 with some quality games.
Written by zwandaba on 2008/06/17

It could be some new titles like Little Big Planet but with Phil not being there I don't really think so.
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/06/17

incoming00: What holes??? I thought MGS4 was "the" game. Thats all I have been hearing the SDF all over the net saying is that once MGS4 came out it was over for Xbots. I know your not a hardcore PS3 owner, but I thought I would throw that at you... The last thing Sony should be doing is cancelling games. What are you guys going to do now that you beat MGS4???
Written by incoming00 on 2008/06/17

i havent beat MGS4 yet so i'm still playing it. and i'm referring to the future line up of Sony. 3 major games being cancelled is not good regardless of which company is doing the cancelling. so you may be asking the wrong person about MGS4 being the game cuz i sure aint the SDF here...

MGO is also in MGS4, so like people who beat Gears and Halo 3, they just play online :)
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/06/17

incoming00: Thats what I said. I know your not a hardcore PS3 owner, so therefore your not part of the SDF. I just thought I would throw that question at a more level headed PS3 owner. How is MGO??? I have been reading mixed reviews so far...
Written by jb33 on 2008/06/17

^^^^^^MGO is TERRIBLE.....I don't care what anyone says either. Slow_Clunky and horrible up close combat. The single player on the other hand.....EPIC. One of the best i've ever played. Just finshed it earlier and can't remember the last time i had so much fun with a single player campaign.9.5/10....Would have got perfect, but the online blows. Anyone who defends MGO....Is a pathetic fanboy.
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